Dream: Staying with Tim and Phoebe

Dream 20020703, 7:00 AM:

Staying with Tim and Phoebe

I’m driving around; I’ve met this guy named Tim, and he and I are talking. I think he’s riding in my car with me. I cross some sort of large road or railroad track, and we’re in his neighborhood instead of mine now. It gets to be very late, and we go to his house, and I’m going to crash here because I’m too tired to safely drive home.

Tim’s house seems the same as Uncle Walt and Aunt Marilyn’s house. Tim is lying down on a papasan-chair-like couch in the front room, when Phoebe from “Friends” comes in. She is made up to look like she’s black, but she didn’t do a very careful job – her face looks pretty good, but her neck and arms aren’t covered enough. She comes in and talks with me, and I can see as Tim’s sitting/lying on the couch, that he’s not wearing any underwear – I can see one of his nuts through the leg of his shorts. Then, Phoebe goes into the bathroom and cleans off her makeup, and comes back out. She tells me that she’ll sleep in the bed with Tim, and I can have her bed; I want to sleep in a chair in the living room, I think mostly so I can watch Tim. Now, he’s naked under his covers, and keeps moving in his sleep, exposing different parts of his body. It looks really hot, and very attractive – he’s got very pale, smooth pink skin, and dark hair, and his body is almost entirely smooth. He’s got a hard-on from time to time, and when he moves at one point it sticks out of his covers and I can see it. He rolls onto his side, and his ass is sticking out, and looks really hot.

I don’t remember any resolution to the discussion with Phoebe, or going to bed, or anything.

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