Dream: The Great Dance

The 8:00 Dream:
The Great Dance

I’m at some sort of summer camp. It’s a cool wild area, lots of rocky outcroppings and bodies of water. There was more to the earlier part of this dream, but I don’t remember.

I am sitting in a group of people in a circle. We are being taught about a dance symbolic of the Great Rite – it’s not a maypole dance, though. It reminds me a little bit of Strip the Willow, although in a circle. One person starts the dance, choosing a partner of the opposite sex from the circle; they dance in a slowly closing spiral until they reach the center, and then dance together holding to each other in the center, and then spiral back out, and the newer partner chooses another partner, and the dance is repeated. I watch a couple of people walk through the dance, and then we start a music run-through. Two or three people dance the dance, and then a woman picks me; I dance with her, but then I can’t remember what I’m supposed to do after she and I finish dancing. The person who’s leading the dance talks me through: she says to stop at the edge, read one of the scrolls (I am pantomiming this, because there aren’t really any scrolls here) and then dance out to the circle and choose a man to dance with. We shift from male-female to male-male for a while in the dance, and the gay people get their chance to dance. I get the impression that it will shift back again, and maybe go female-female for a while too.

I walk through this part of the dance, and when I go to the front of the circle, a man steps through a frame, like a window in mid-air; he is naked and has an erection. I have on a flowing black robe, reminds me of a bathrobe. I think to myself that he may just be teasing me, because I don’t think he’s gay, but I have a little bit of an erection now too, and we dance to the center, and then back out, and I sit down and he takes another partner and continues.

I don’t remember more of the dance. Then, I’m walking along, and I see that there is a huge lizard’s body in one of the small pools of standing water. It looks like a tree swift, but the size is more like a large iguana; it’s got to be four feet long. I think that it’s going to stink when it rots. I walk on along, and I see the head in another pool of water, and then somebody shows me a picture on paper, of where they had laid the lizard on the photocopier to prove how big it is. Then, I’m standing next to the lake, and somebody says that they are having to collect all the animals that people have killed and put into the little puddles, and put them into the lake, because that way the fish will eat them and they won’t rot and stink and foul the water.

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