Dream: Computer Game World: The Government Mall

Dream at 7:00 AM:
Computer Game World: The Government Mall
I am in a computer video game world again. It’s very much like the computer games that Chris and I have played; areas which don’t have any active game play don’t yield to examination, but areas where a puzzle has to be figured out or a secret compartment has to be opened will respond to examination. If I try to open a door that isn’t part of the game, nothing happens; if it’s part of the game, the door opens and then I can do something else. Some doors open automatically, some require a code or an action like pushing a button or turning a knob.

The game seems to be related to some sort of military situation with the government. Everyone here is in uniform. I am in a black golf-collar shirt, and I feel like they’re likely to catch me and imprison me if they can. There are various puzzles that I have to solve. One was a set of three white doors with white old-fashioned doorknobs; only one of them would open, but I had to turn all the knobs. There are several times when someone is moving and I have to hide to escape detection. I feel like there is someone else here with me, but I don’t know who. It may be Chris.

There are a bunch of the military people coming; I hide in a closet, but it’s actually more like a cabinet. It’s a closet with shelves, so I have to get down in the bottom clear space beneath the lowest shelf. They open the closet door, but now it’s more like a hamper, with a slanted top. They have found me, and I am afraid that I’ve lost, but I know that I can restart the game with the knowledge I’ve gained and play again. However, they look at my shirt, which has something like KURRZ or KURTZ embroidered on the front where a nametag would be, and they know that means that I’m the General, or some such… it’s just another part of the game play, but I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do.

Then, I somehow escape and run downstairs, and there is a big area like a shopping mall. I decide that somehow the game is on pause, and I get to just relax and enjoy shopping for a while. I say so to my companion, as we walk into the mall. Then, I see another military person, and I realize that we’re not on pause. I run around a series of corners into an office, and it’s a really beautiful office with lots of dark woods and rich colors, and cool sculpture on shelves and on the desk. There is a blond woman here; she seems surprised to see me. I don’t remember what excuse I use for being in her office, but I make something up, and start talking to her about her art collection. Her assistant comes in, and says something about how they haven’t delivered the Italian piano; she is looking around the room like she expects to find it. There is a small upright piano here, backed up against a shelf so that it almost looks like it’s just a piece of furniture; I nod toward it, as if to ask if that’s the Italian piano, and the assistant plays three or four notes on it, and it sounds like a harpsichord. I say that it sounds like a harpsichord, but I don’t know what an Italian piano sounds like, so they could be the same. Then, the scene shifts, and I’m talking to a man who reminds me of Eddie from OCP, and he has something to do with the piano, but I don’t know what.

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