Dream: The Hippopotamus Project

Dream 20031023, 5:00 AM:

I’m walking around a subdivision lot that is all woods. It seems like it’s down the street from where I used to live, but at other times seems like it’s a totally different place, much more remote. There is a single house, and I know the people who live there; they are almost like homesteaders, providing for all their needs with their garden and livestock. The mother comes out of the house and does some yard work, and I wave to her; her handsome grown son comes out, and I wave to him as well.

There are two or three hippos on the property, in a large muddy pool. I have an idea that I need to help out with the hippos, as if they need more space. I arrange to purchase all of the lots of land around the one their house is built on. It is in a T of a big drainage ditch, and I know that by purchasing all the surrounding lots, we will have access to the ditch for the hippos.

I explain to the woman of the house, and she says something about that also helping her real baby, the whale – she takes me to see it, in a huge tank. It is a big whale, like a Blue or a Humpback. I ask how they ever got such a huge creature; she explains that it was captured as a baby, and was scheduled to be eaten for food, but they somehow saved it from the steam table.

We get the deal made on the land, and we gather a small community of like-minded folks together. It’s almost like a commune, with everybody helping out and contributing to the overall good. There is an overwhelming feeling of goodness and pride in this group. The whole dream is very happy.

A government agency starts to investigate us, I don’t know why. They seem intent on breaking up the group. We close big wooden doors that are facing the street side of the property, and bar them so they can’t get in. Then, I realize that it will be OK to just let them see who’s here – there are lots of famous and respected people by now. I open the doors, and start naming and introducing the people to the officials. It seems like there are lots of movers and shakers, as well as actors and celebrities. My feeling is of pride and accomplishment.

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  1. svenny
    svenny says:

    Your memory of detail is amazing!!! I’m sure I could work at it (and start scribbling as soon as I wake up) if I put my mind to it. I do often write down dreams that really, really stay with me. Possible material for later on.

    Always interesting here. Cheers! 🙂

  2. admin
    admin says:

    I realized that I’ve been slipping on my dream recall – mostly just being too busy, and not paying attention – so now I’m making a concerted effort to get back in touch. It was very encouraging to have such an upbeat and positive-themed dream right off!

    I have those dreams that really stay with me, too – and I find that the more I cultivate that relationship, the more often they happen. It’s a fascinating pursuit; our minds make such strange and alien landscapes out of the nearby and familiar.

  3. admin
    admin says:

    Metoo, metoo! I’ve been surprised at how little I’ve remembered lately – I just finished an intense 10-day trip to upland Peru, with all kinds of encounters with ruins, foreign languages, and strange phenomena… and I was hoping that it would impact dreamland just a little more. I only remembered one night’s dreaming the whole trip. I think I may have been too tired from being constantly on the go, and having to wake and sleep odd hours. Hopefully, now that I’m back into a more settled routine, some of that fascinating material will work its way to the surface. Serpents and pumas and condors, oh, my!

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