Dream: Being Osiris

Dream 20030219, 5:00AM:

I remember seeing a man leap into the river, and a woman run up to a waterfall beside where he jumped. A ship comes down the river, piloted by some sort of witch or water spirit, and the woman takes over the ship and goes off in search of her lover. It’s Isis and Osiris. Then, I am Osiris, and I’m listening to some man talking about being a king, or some worldly ruler; we are together in a dark vast room, but he doesn’t know that I’m here. He talks at some length, and I have to kill him, or overpower him, or something – it has to do with what he’s said. He picks up a big javelin; it is a pale yellow color, and appears to be made out of something light, like fiberglass or plastic. I grab one part of it, and it is some sort of weapon that only I can use. I don’t remember if I spear him with it, or just take it from him.

Then, the images of Osiris are turning to something like a special effects alien. It’s not me anymore, I’m watching from the outside. He appears to be some sort of lizard creature, all golden skin with a big dewlap type throat like an iguana. It almost reminds me of the end-of-movie credits, where you can see people getting into their makeup and such. He’s watching the “camera” directly, and doing things like waving his hands and waggling his eyebrows. Fade to black.

Then, I’m walking from Aunt Marilyn’s house to Mom and Dad’s house (a few blocks). There is someone with me, but I don’t know who. I have a black satchel, and for some reason I’m practicing levitating it. I can do it really well if I concentrate, and don’t let it get out from between my two outstretched hands, but when I either look up or let it get further in front of me, I lose my concentration and it falls to the ground. It feels like I’m counterbalancing it with some part of my body, like I have to hold my shoulders back to keep it from dropping. I let it run a few inches ahead of me, then a foot… then it falls to the ground. It looks like the folding file that I keep my bills and receipts in. I push it far ahead of me, like half a block… I’m now walking down the side of Castle Hill, and the satchel zooms ahead, but then crashes into a house with a big noise. The owners are outside working on something, and they throw the folder into the ditch with loud complaints. As I draw even with the house, I can see that it’s somehow flattened a dog house; I reach over telekinetically and pick up the bits of the folder out of the ditch, and keep on walking, somewhat sheepish about the damage, although they don’t appear to suspect it was mine. The doghouse roof is all that is there, green shingles; it looks like there were no walls. Maybe they were building it, or tearing it down. There is mud on some of the stuff that was in the satchel, and the top half of it is gone now. Now, it looks more like a hard-sides briefcase.

I walk on, and although I don’t remember going into it, I find myself inside of a house under construction. I am walking along the edges of a big space with sloping walls, like an attic room. It is still all just piers and studs and beams, there are no floors or solid walls, although it appears that the outside walls are solid. I don’t remember why I am walking around this space, although the sensations of going around it are very distinct; I lean to pass under a slanting wall beam, put my hands on some framing to steady myself. I’m talking to someone about this house; I don’t know whose house it is (or will be).

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    Re: WICKED!!!

    It’s certainly been an interesting path, studying my dreams. They’ve never, ever been boring. I only have the “Grand Dreams” every once in a while – but even the everyday kind is bizarro like this. I noticed that as I was doing more and more study of lucid dreaming, and working toward getting lucid in my dream world, I started having more “self-conscious” dreams – not that I was fully aware that I was dreaming, but where the dream was presenting itself as a movie, or even as a show being filmed (or that I was filming, or producing)… I’m actually kind of surprised that I didn’t notice that I was levitating this satchel, and realize, “Hey, this doesn’t really happen (unfortunately) when I’m awake, I must be dreaming now.”

    I had two chocolate truffles this morning, and went back to bed for my Magic Naptime (an hour or so of sleep after an hour of wakefulness, which is most conducive to lucid dreaming) and I was in a dream about some woman who was publishing some sort of book about a technique for art or something like that… but she was using all these pictures of herself from 20 years ago. One of the pictures had her in a tight blue dress, with really huge artificial hooters. The Nova Dreamer lights flashed then, which knocked me out of the dream, and I would have probably been able to get back to dreaming if the dogs hadn’t chosen that moment to start barking elsewhere in the house. So I really can’t comment yet on the efficacy of pre-nap chocolates. Maybe I need to try them before going to bed at night – give them longer in my system.

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