Dream: The GDYO Office Switch

Dream 20021204, 5:00 AM:

For some reason, we have exchanged offices with the GDYO. All of the offices now are in a motel; we’re up on the second floor. It is kind of older, and the rooms are adjoined one to another through the bathrooms. We share a bathroom with the GDYO. There are a bunch of people, mostly women, who come into our office and start making themselves at home; they bring in rolling chairs and make themselves at home. I explain to them that this is the Sammons Center’s office, that the GDYO office is next door, through there (pointing at the bathroom door.) They kind of look at me like they don’t believe me, and they are waiting for Chuck to come and give them a different answer. I say, “No, really, I’m serious, we’re thinking of putting a sign on the inside of the bathroom door, so people will know which one is which.” They laugh, but again, don’t leave. I’m kind of annoyed with them, wishing they would get up and go.

I have keys in my hand, more than I used to have because the GDYO people had more keys and we traded. I’m walking around the hallway, looking for a place to hide one key. I realize that the hallway is too open, too much chance of somebody else finding it. There are accoustic ceiling tiles, and I think about hiding it above one of those, but it doesn’t seem secure. I don’t end up hiding one of the keys at all. I look around the hall and realize that there are actual motel rooms down the hall, they’re not even arts organizations.

I walk out on the balcony, and walk along the outside, and I see a couple of men downstairs on the parking lot, visiting; I realize as I’m walking that my right hand is spasming badly, and I’m limping. I wonder to myself if I’m having some sort of attack or stroke. I walk down a ways before I realize this, and turn around and walk back so I can have somebody look at it, and see if it’s a problem. I get back into where the offices are, and wake up.

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