Dream: They Cut Down My Trees!

Dream 20020910, 3:40 AM:

I’m at a strange combination house; it is both my house in Farmers Branch, and Mom and Dad’s house in Kingwood. The front of the house faces the back yard, and it seems like a combination there too – the neighbor is across the back yard, where they would be across the street. The yard is shaped like the yard of the Kingwood house, but has lots of trees in it, including the big old Bois d’arc that is in the back yard of the Farmers Branch house.

I hear a lot of construction going on in the back yard, and go outside to investigate. There is building going on across the street / alley area. I see trees piled up; they have been squared off, like huge beams, and stacked in a pile. I look around, and realize that the construction crew has cut down all *my* trees, not my neighbor’s! There are nothing but stumps in the yard. I’m furious. I go across the street / alleyway, to where Kaminski’s house is, and see a man and a woman talking. She has on an off-white dress with embroidery on it, and they are speaking very ornately. It sounds like they’re rehearsing a play. When she stops speaking, and moves away, I approach the man and tell him that his crew cut down my trees, and I’m very upset. He seems totally unconcerned. I offer to sue him, or file criminal charges – vandalism, or theft. He doesn’t seem to care.

Later, inside the kitchen, I’m threading rings into a plastic curtain that I’m going to hang on the kitchen window. There are 11 or 13 rings on each side. The curtain is almost clear, or it might be off-white translucent. There is a radio playing in the background, and I can hear the news announcer talking about the trees, and how I won the settlement and they had to pay damages.

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