Dream: The Trifold Box

Dream 20020807, 6 AM:

The Trifold Box

I am at Mom and Dad’s house. I am out in the back yard, near where the corner of the garden fence is, and I’m out here to pick up a wooden box that somehow got left outside. It is a pale blond wood, and shaped like a small cabinet: a wing opens from each side of the front, almost like a triptych. They close to cover the front. It doesn’t seem to have anything in it, but I know that something belongs in it, possibly art supplies. Dad is in the garden part, coiling up a garden hose. He tells me something, and I think it has to do with leaving the box out in the yard, but I don’t remember what he says.

I have a car, like an SUV, in the back yard, and I am loading the box into it. It transforms to a black tri-fold display, like I would use for a show. I take a big sheet of sticker type vinyl and wrap it onto the display; it is bright green. I am talking to someone, maybe it’s still Dad, as I rub at a place where the sticker stuff didn’t adhere properly and there is a little label coming unstuck.

I take the tri-fold board to a classroom, and use it for a presentation. I don’t remember what it’s about, but it has something to do with art or history, maybe it’s gay history. The teacher seems very pleased with my project.

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