Dream: The Herbal book

Dream 20020611 5:15 AM:

The Herbal Book

There was more to the beginning of this dream, but all that I can remember is the last scene. I am in a room that reminds me of Richard’s bedroom at the Kingwood house, but much less full of furniture. I am reading a book on herbalism, and reading a long description of a special tincture that the author has worked up for a very particular medical use – I don’t remember what, but I think it has something to do with the lungs. There are a lot of typos in the book – it is paperback, but professionally printed, and I’m surprised at how many errors are in it. There are pictures of what look like aquariums, but they are full of wine – there are notes beneath each one about the different batches of wine. There are aquarium plants and stuff still in them, and they look like they’re covered with wine sediment.

Later, I’m at a house. There are a bunch of people gathered outside – on a porch? They’re singing hymns, and there are a bunch of cats here; one walks up, large with black and white splotches.

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