Dream: Papparazi and the Crazy Bride

First dream, 3:30 AM:
Papparazi and the Crazy Bride

I’m at a building that I know is the new Sammons Center; it’s in Oak Cliff. We’re refinishing the floors, and I’m scraping up tiles and stuff to get down to the floorboards. There are some big holes under the floorboards, and way down there is water. It’s dark in here, like the lights are not yet on. Jeff McCloud from Diamond Art is here, and he squirts some white paint on the floor, then asks for a scraper to get it up with; I look at a tray of tools and see various things but no scrapers. I finally hand him a screwdriver, and he scrapes the paint into one little blob and then picks it up.

I’m watching a crazy bride. I don’t think she’s actually insane, I think she’s just having a fit because something has happened to mess things up. She’s wearing the whole white traditional outfit with veil. Then, I’m with her in a kitchen/bedroom – it seems more like a kitchen, with bright white tile cabinets, but the bed is in there. There is someone outside the window shooting pictures of us. I pull the sheets up over our heads, and tell her to take one of the sheets and walk out with it over her head, and I’ll hold on to the other one.

Then, I’m flying down Southern Hills toward my Mom and Dad’s house. I don’t remember anything until I’m in the blue bedroom, getting ready to sleep. Someone walks by the window and looks in; it seems like the window is facing a street corner, although in reality it’s facing the side yard and the neighbor’s house. He looks Hispanic or Oriental. I make a face at him, and I think I smack the window with my hand, and he walks on.

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