Dream: Slow Motion Vampire

Dream #2 – 5:20 AM –
Slow Motion Vampire
I’m looking at the front of a video shop. I see a flashback to a scene earlier, when I was seeing the same shop from the back – a solid, new-looking brick building. I’m inside, talking with some guy; he says something about “No Harleys,” [note: word unclear in notes]. Then I’m looking at this cute little kid; he’s sitting down at someone’s feet, dark curly hair, really sweet smile. Later, by a window inside, I’m watching as someone is being attacked by this boy who turns into a girl, and then into a vampire. I watch the transformation, and then sort of roll the action back and watch it again in slow motion. I have a silver ring on my keychain, I think it’s a puzzle ring, and I know that it would hurt the vampire – he says something about how they either go through the window, or get touched with a silver spoon – he starts shouting, “I’m touched! I’m touched! I’m touched!” but I haven’t touched him at all. I think he’s trying to get me to feel sorry for him and not touch him with the silver.

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