Real World Interlude: Gluten Cramps, Chris


Today pretty much sucked. I woke up at 3:30 this morning sick to my stomach, then again at 4:30, with the really sharp stabbing cramps that usually mean “You’ve failed to read the ingredients labels carefully enough.” It really hurt. When we finally woke up at about 9:00, I was still having pretty bad cramps, and didn’t feel like going to the Easter parade in Lee Park. I tried to convince Chris to go and hang out with our friends there, but he said he didn’t want to go without me, and he told me to lie down and rest some more. I slept a couple more hours, then felt better – apparently, though, Chris decided that I had ruined his day, and so I was going to be sick all day whether I wanted to or not. The rest of today has been filled with delightful tete-a-tete like “Must not be very sick if you can down two Diet Cokes in a row” and “I thought you were going to lie down and have a nap.” It’s frustrating. It seems like we’ve gotten back to a more nearly even keel by this evening, and we worked together on dinner and sat and watched a TV movie.

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