Dream: Waymark and Jupiter

Last night was an active dreaming night.

dream 20020305: Waymark and Jupiter.

This dream was hauntingly beautiful.

It begins as a sort of travelogue – I hear my voice, as if I am reading out my travel diary. I am traveling with someone – we sleep outdoors under the stars, and I can see our walking sticks silhouetted against the moon-bright sky. His is shaped like the sigil for Jupiter; mine is more like a serpent, or a sign showing curves in the road. I think that’s where I got our names; Waymark and Jupiter.

As I am lying beside him one night, drifting up from sleep, I lean over and whisper to him that Cuhullain has whispered to me in my dreams. It seems very significant to me, but he is very sleepy and doesn’t want to listen.

Then I finally return to my people. I realize that I’m a woman – long hair and a dress. We are a Goddess-worshipping folk. I am telling my people the tale of my journeys – and I tell about Cuhullain whispering to me. I am walking along beside a bunch of square holes, almost like soldier trenches, in the ground – I am banging my shield against them in a pattern, and I say something about how there was much banging of shields among the Saxons.

Then I lie down on what looks like the seat part of a picnic table. There are people sleeping on similar benches; there is stuff piled on the table parts. I have to draw up one knee so that the person who is sleeping at the other end has room; we both sleep in a position like the tarot Hanged Man. The person at the other end is my daughter. She is composing a song about my journeys, chanting it softly as she works. She says something about how Minerva had smiled on me, and how she was proud of me – I look up, and see a young woman with blond hair and a red velvet dress – I am suprised to be able to see the red glowing in the moonlight . The girl dashes off; I ask who it is, and my daughter tells me a name; it is just one of the children, but I think that I saw a vision of the Goddess in her for a moment.