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Dream: Visit from the Alien Spacecraft

dream 20020305: Visit from the Alien Spacecraft I’m sitting on the back lawn, but it’s not this house – the back lawn overlooks a slope leading down to a beautiful valley. The lawn itself is a smooth expanse of grass, no trees or flowerbeds. A sleek looking space craft appears, apparently from nowhere, and does […]

Dream: Waymark and Jupiter

Last night was an active dreaming night. dream 20020305: Waymark and Jupiter. This dream was hauntingly beautiful. It begins as a sort of travelogue – I hear my voice, as if I am reading out my travel diary. I am traveling with someone – we sleep outdoors under the stars, and I can see our […]

Real World

Well, today was a good day. Woke up late, decided there was nothing crucial happening first thing in the morning, so went back to bed for a while… when I finally got out of bed (noonish) Chris got up and made these FANTASTIC chocolate-chip banana muffins out of a new book I got at Whole […]

Miscellaneous, plus dream: Bees in the Greenhouse

Saturday morning – I wish I could say that I had slept in and was refreshed and delighted to be alive – but instead, I woke up early, came to work, and I’m kind of grumpy about being awake. Chris’s schedule and mine haven’t meshed well over the past month or so; he gets in […]