The Things My Cats Drag In

Spot had a good night last night.

First, he brought in this moth.  Moth went back outside.

Then, he brought in this cute, tiny frog.  Frog went back outside.

Then, he brought in this earthworm.  I actually wondered, to start with, if he had gotten one of my composting worms… they do occasionally crawl up from their box, and he might have caught one.  Anything that wiggles, wriggles, flops, or flaps…

Only it’s not a worm.  It’s one of the world’s tiniest snakes, called a Thread Snake, Leptotyphlops_dulcis. It is SO CUTE.  It amazes me that a thing so tiny can be a reptile – it has bones, and muscles, and scales, and all the other snakey things – and it has tiny eyes that are covered with scales to protect it as it burrows underground, hunting for termite and ant larvae to suck on.

Two short videos:

8 thoughts on “The Things My Cats Drag In

  1. That is a cute snake! My cat doesn’t go out so I’m spared from most of the bringing-in, but any moth that enters the house is fair game.

  2. Wow that snake is sooo cool! Glad to see none of the critters were harmed in the process of being caught by Spot. 🙂

  3. These are wonderful entries. Where did you find the threadsnakes? Your garden and insects are outstanding!

  4. (note about Webiste form: I wish I had a website… *…*)
    I check back on your website after a long time of not checking back… you have birds jumping on you (it seems) and extremely small snakes wriggling in your hand! Well! That is really neat! I wish we had as many “species” as you… lets see, we have chickens, goats, ducks…dead silkworms, live pillbugs…and my father does 99.3 percent of the work… EVENTUALLY he will have enough cages to keep his chicks in!

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