Weaving on the Knotwork Necklace

I’ve warped up and started weaving on the knotwork necklace ribbon.  The knots are coming out a little bulkier than I had thought – I’m going to end up with fewer of the big square beads on it, but it should be fine otherwise.

I’m very pleased with the beads along the edge.  The photo doesn’t show their color well – they’re a “purple iris” that changes from purple through bronze and green to blue, as you turn them in the light.

8 thoughts on “Weaving on the Knotwork Necklace

  1. What is your method for tablet weaving? The design doesn’t look very slanty as you get with double face and alternating cards (S and Z). Just curious- it’s looking good!

  2. This makes me want to get back into tablet weaving. I had purchased some rayon floss long ago for that purpose and everything. Too bad I don’t really have time to do it right now!

  3. I have the weaving tablets ready to learn, just need time!

    BTW still getting strange headings on your post via my reader, will check again when you next post.

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