Video from SOAR 09

When I go to a spin-in, I tend to reel silk.  I enjoy doing it, but it’s also a great way to share my enjoyment of silk with more people.

Ellen caught some video of me reeling, this is using the new Indian ReelBird reel.

0 thoughts on “Video from SOAR 09

  1. Wow! This reel looks… different from what I’ve seen on your previous videos. 🙂 Is it easier to use?

    Ugh I can’t hear your voice properly because of that music.

  2. It was a large, loud room with people playing live music; they just don’t seem to understand that our group really wants to sit and visit!

    That’s the ReelBird from India; it’s essentially a single station of industrial machinery adapted for hand cranking. The bobbins, pulleys, etc., are all industrial type. It works very well, although it’s not so good for teaching; it does too much of the work for you! It’s one of those machines where you could learn to operate the machine, without as much understanding of the process as you would get with a simpler setup.

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