In Print!

Yaay, it’s finally here!  The Fall 2009 issue of SpinOff has my article on raising silk.  I’m so excited.  I may have to go stand next to news-stands at local yarn shops and point to it.  IMG_9029

0 thoughts on “In Print!

  1. I saw that and grinned and pointed and made my wife look. She was suitably impressed that I “knew” you. *grin*

    Congratulations! It’s a great article!

  2. I felt that way when the TWIST came out, and my article was on the cover 🙂 ‘lookatme, lookatme’!

    Congratulations! Yours is even bigger news, of course.

    Growing silk is on the list of ‘someday’ projects. Gotta grow a mulberry bush, first, I guess.

  3. Cool! I need to see if the library still carries that mag- you can’t buy it in town anywhere.

    You should have a bumper sticker that says “Ask me about my silkworms!”

  4. Congratulations!!! The weavers guild down here in Cape Town gets several copies of Spin Off so I’ll be sure to check out your article. I love that you do something so cool and that you share it with everyone.

    You and your article are made of win!

    And a big happy birthday even though it’s a little early. 🙂

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