Any of my Japanese-reading friends on

I know that several people on my friends list read, or are learning, Japanese – is anybody on I’m getting website hits from there, and I’m curious what they’re saying, but I can’t even read the page where it says you have to setup a login!

6 thoughts on “Any of my Japanese-reading friends on

  1. what I’m trying to figure out, is what they’re saying about – I can’t get in, to see what the traffic is coming from.

  2. What I was hoping, was that someone was a member on that site – I know a couple of my online friends are japanophiles and learning to read and speak Japanese. It’s a membership site, so I couldn’t get to the page to run it through a translator.

    It’s really just a vain curiosity – I got a bunch of hits for a few days from it, but it’s certainly not a big deal. If your friend wouldn’t mind taking a look, I’m still curious, but it’s not worth going through a lot of trouble if it’s not easy to get to.

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