And then you sit and ply…

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and then you skein, and then degum… and then you get organzine!

Here’s a comparison of the 4×2 and the 2×2… they’re not all that different, until you start working them up in larger amounts – and then the weight of the fabric shows.

While I was degumming, I made up some new lace-weight – this is 15 filaments per ply, two-ply:

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  1. A little of both. Some of the 2×2 organzine is going to a lace-maker in San Antonio; some of it, I want to weave up and see what kind of gauge I can get. The 15×2 organzine is going to a friend of mine to be knitted up into a lace scarf, but I need to make another couple of skeins first. I’m also aiming some of this at class samples for SOAR in October – these are some of the Six Slick Silks that students will be throwing.

  2. My hands are too rough right now to be able to do anything with that stuff, but it looks like fun. I’m taking off my french doe’s coat, and I keep getting fuzz caught on my gardener’s hands. I should try worms sometime, but I think I might always prefer my fuzz-ball rabbits. Worms = interesting and cool but not so snuggly 🙂 But very different to work with…hmm. New project? Have to read up.

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