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  1. Thanks! It was fun doing it – I’ve never ever done a painted yarn, partly because I had always thought that wouldn’t work for tablets – but Sara’s work definitely proves that it works well.

  2. beautiful! I would love to see how you use the painted yarn for weaving! I’m twitching with anticipation!!! Hooray for pictures!!!

    and can I just say your description of the people… “It was like going to the yarn store, and pulling a couple dozen of the best books and putting them into a basket… and they magically turn into the charming authors”… freaking adorable!!

  3. Haha! I’ll bet they bite. Of course, then if we’re both teaching, we STILL have even less time. And that of course depends on how my own application goes. I have to figure out what classes I’m proposing.

  4. Thank you! I had a lot of fun with that class…. I’ve only done single-shade immersion dyeing before, so it was very eye-opening.

  5. Hi… I inadvertently found you while googling “goldwork”. I love your journal and your work! I added you, if you don’t mind.


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