A blog on my own site!

I’ve set up a new blog. It was tough – WordPress and GoDaddy are apparently famous for not getting along. But, finally after much finagling, I have my blog on wormspit.com.


So… y’all go and check it out! The archives are a transfer from my LiveJournal, so that’s nothing new – just a new format and a change of address.

And don’t worry – I plan to keep checking in with my LJ friends, communities, etc.!

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  1. It’s certainly not impossible… and once you get it installed it seems to be working flawlessly.

    The main issue – you have to find the name of your database host, which is kind of buried – you can’t leave it as “localhost” like it says you can “99% chance you won’t have to change this.” So GoDaddy is in the 1% that has to change it.

  2. Yaay! And I can see it hitting FeedBurner, which I was not so sure about.

    It’s a lot more work being able to open up the back-end of it, but a lot more control too.

  3. My day job involves managing blogs on movable type and typepad. From what I can tell, WordPress is a different kind of the same.

    We have FeedBurner feeds of most of our content, though for syndicating to our own web sites, I prefer to use XML templates that generate RSS or atom. Especially since Feedburner immediately shunts any script that doesn’t explicitly set a user agent to a proxy server that sometimes doesn’t update as frequently as the primary server. Google Reader is never likely to have these problems since FeedBurner is also a Google Product 🙂

  4. Ah, cool. I’m not nearly so smart about this yet… if I didn’t install the feedburner, then WordPress would generate an rss feed – but it would be trickier for me to track.

  5. Argggh! Blogger can’t detect an RSS feed from your blog!
    Did you specifically (manually) put a feed on it? (can’t tell from comments above)

  6. Wow, I just checked out your new Blog. You have been working a lot on that. I mean all the archives are there for years of blogs. I bet you put in a lot of hours setting up your site. It looks wonderful. Easily I was able to add your RSS to my email. Very cool.

  7. It wasn’t too bad – there are automated tools for transferring LJ and other blogs to XML archives, and then you can import the XML to WordPress. I’ve learned a lot in the past few days!

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