Radio Salaam Namaste

I didn’t know, until we ran across it on the radio dial the other day – we have the first “Desi” (South Asian) radio station in the US here in DFW – Radio Salaam Namaste. I occasionally enjoy the Bollywood sound, and they’re all over it! sunflower_andi, I bet you would like it too.

You can listen live on the web, too.

The thing that amuses me most, is when they slip seamlessly back and forth between English and Hindi. I’m used to hearing it from Spanish-speakers (Spanglish) – but I’ve never heard it in another language. With the strong accents, I sometimes can’t tell when it’s English and when it’s not.

0 thoughts on “Radio Salaam Namaste

  1. I love that.
    one of the local university radio stations has a beautiful Bollywood show on Sunday nights.
    it’s fantastic.
    and I found some on shoutcast, too.

  2. Where I live the English-Hindi, or English-Urdu slippage is the more common. We don’t have a lot of Spanish speakers in West Yorkshire … 😉

  3. I *love* it!

    As a native Dallasite, I love the expanding multiculturalism of the city. And I know it rubs many people the wrong way – which just makes me love it more. I can’t wait to hear what my brother, the Dallas police officer, has to say.

    Thanks for keeping me in touch with my homeland.


  4. i this its the best radio station =) and i love the guy who does the show in the mornings obeid he is V GOOOODD

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