To Keep Them Sweet – finished

The whole thing. I need to make some backdrops for the light tent.
Chris got me the tent for a present, and it makes a HUGE difference in the quality of the light in close-up shots – but I’m still figuring out it.

Close-up on the ends.

This is how it looks hanging around the neck.

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  1. vicki_sine
    vicki_sine says:

    I am sorry I have run out of appropriate adjectives.

    That is beyond words incredible.

    Not just in the detail and beauty, but it is absolutely inspired.

  2. dark_phoenix54
    dark_phoenix54 says:

    Unbelievably beautiful! Your workmanship is just incredible.

    Where did you get the pendant and the leaf findings, btw? I’ve never seen that kind of leaf-with-holes thing, but it’s a *great* idea!

  3. mothie
    mothie says:

    This is too fantastic! What’s it for?! I’ve been trying to read the ribbon and haven’t managed to get very far. I so grok this piece!

  4. admin
    admin says:

    I’m going to wear it to things like the fancy dinner at the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas Convention, and make people’s eyes bug out. 🙂

    When I go to all these handweavers things, all the ladies have these fantastic scarves and shawls and hand-made tops… and I’m just not quite enough of a Big Queen to wear most of that kind of stuff. I wanted a token of technical achievement, a badge of proficiency.. something that says, “Hey, I Know My Sh*t” in fancy language.

  5. malvoisine
    malvoisine says:

    Kewl! I hope to see you in pictures of it soon, preferably with a tux, looking like the Honorable Lord Mayor of Silk Spinners and Weavers. And I strongly suggest a second one, with ‘Hey, I Know my Shit’, in Latin, of course….. (snorting). But truly, it is gorgeous and you should be vastly proud of it.

  6. admin
    admin says:

    Hmm… you know, it DOES sort of look like a Lord Mayor’s Chain of Office. What a funny coincidence!

    I want to make more necklace-ribbon type things like this; might have to look into getting somebody to translate some Latin for me.

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