Seeking help from folks with TIVO and DVD-R

My segment of HGTV’s That’s Clever is going to air TOMORROW!

It will be on FRIDAY Jan. 5, at 1 PM ET/PT – which means it airs at 1 on the East Coast, noon Central, and there’s a separate feed that airs later on the West Coast. I’m not sure what happens for the folks on Mountain Time.

I’m going to TIVO this and burn it to a DVD. Hopefully I’ll be able to put it up on my website, and/or YouTube.

HOWEVER – our area of Texas has been experiencing some stormy weather. We have a satellite dish. I’d hate to get a copy with weather blips in the video.

If you have TIVO or other DVR, and could record this to a DVD for me, I’d love to have some backups! I’ll be happy to send PayPal to cover DVD and mailing costs, or send you a skein of cool silk from India, or something else cool out of my collection of weird and ecclectic fiber arts supplies. I’d like to get 3 or so people, if that many are available and willing.


0 thoughts on “Seeking help from folks with TIVO and DVD-R

  1. wonderful, thanks!

    My mail address:

    Michael Cook
    Sammons Center for the Arts
    3630 Harry Hines Blvd.
    Dallas, TX 75219

    Let me know what you would like in return – payment for your DVD and mail costs, or some yarn, or beetle wings, or what!

  2. Woo! I hadn’t thought about return stuffs! Yarn would be delicious. (I’m not an addict, though, I can stop any time! *tap vein*)

    Is there anything else you’d like from the DC area? A senator perhaps?

  3. Umm… I think they’re probably too expensive to keep up with. I’ve got some unusual silk yarns from India; I’ll see if I’ve got a dupe of one of the skeins.

  4. I’ve set TiVo to back up too, but I’m also in DC so if our weather is bad that’s 2 back ups down (or at least for me, also satellite).

  5. It’s highly unlikely we’ll get to see such a program over here (even if our digital was working, curse it), so if you do get to upload it somewhere I’ll definitely be watching it!

  6. We’re supposed to have rain in NYC today, as well, but I’ve set my DVR anyway. Thanks for the heads-up!! I hope it records.

  7. I’ll set ours here in Florida, we have a DVD recorder so we can burn as well. So that gives you three zones doing a backup, you should manage something!

  8. DVR in KC

    Just called the hubby at home and he’s going to set the DVR for it… I’m not sure how to burn a DVD from the DVR, but let me know if you need a back up and I’ll figure it out.

    Look forward to seeing you on the small screen


  9. Re: DVR in KC

    Hee – thanks!

    Hopefully, I’ll have a good copy online tonight. If I run into trouble and need the backup, I’ll let you know.

  10. Yaay, thanks!

    It looks like ours here will probably be clear today – it’s just hard to predict the behavior of Texas storms. We get a lot of sudden brewed-up-from-nowhere type things, when we’re in this kind of weather pattern.

  11. i unfortunately don’t have TiVO, but i did watch the segment of the show. very clever indeed ;). i have to ask, were any larvae injured in the boiling part?? and what type of silkworms were shown in the beginning on the leaves you were holding?

  12. Yaay! Thanks for watching.

    Yes, the pupae are killed – but not in the boiling part. They are “stifled” much earlier – which means killing them with heat. This is to prevent them from eclosing (hatching out) through the end of the cocoon and breaking the strand. The HGTV folks were VERY paranoid about showing the larvae inside the silk in any way – but that’s how it happens.

    Those are cultivated silkworms, Bombyx mori. The leaves are mulberry, Morus alba.

  13. pointed me towards your LJ when I mentioned watching this incredible silk weaving segment. Just wanted to wish congratulations and say I enjoyed it very much. Your work is exquisite. Oh, and hello from a fellow celiac.

  14. Thanks!

    How long have you known? I found out in 2001; it’s been an interesting journey since then. Good health now, tho!

  15. Tivo

    I love my Tivo. It lets me do things like come home from work and watch cool crafty stuff. BTW it was fabulous, the book mark came through very well and I love your kite. ^.-

  16. I found out around 1999/2000. I agree, it’s definitely an interesting journey and it is so nice to not be sick all the time without rhyme or reason. I’m not sure if there’s one in your area but…. Roy’s Restaurant loves to cater to folk with food allergies. They’re one of the only restaurants I know of that keeps separate cooking utensils and pans for people with peanut allergies. The chocolate souffl&eacute is amazing.

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