Dream: Don't Wake Me Up When I'm Dreaming! LUCID

Note: this is a record of my dream from this morning. It includes material, including descriptions of gay sexual content, that may be objectionable to some people. If this would be likely to upset you, please don’t click through to read it.

Dream 20070102, 6:05 AM:
This was one of those dreams where I’m not quite sure if I was dreaming first, or just passed from the waking state into the dreaming state. I had been concentrating on dreaming when I lay down, but there seems to be a blank space before the dreaming kicked in.

Chris woke up at 5:00 and started getting ready for the gym. I went and lay down in the office/bedroom where I do my morning dreaming. When I do this, I usually wear earplugs and a light-blocking sleep mask; that way, the alarm will wake me, but most smaller noises won’t. I heard Chris moving around a couple of times, like when he would cough or open a cabinet.

I become aware of my surroundings – when I wear the sleepmask, I almost always carry it into the dream as some sort of goggles or glasses. I don’t normally wear glasses (aside from sunglasses while driving) so I think the sensation of them on my face triggers this. It often makes me aware of the fact that I’m dreaming, too, because I remember that it’s a sleep mask, and if I can see *through* it, then I must be in dreamland.

I raise my head and look, and see a man in the bed with me. He looks like me, but lying on the other side of the bed, like a mirror image. There’s a pile of craft project stuff on the other side of the bed, and I think that he needs to be careful of crushing things. But,I remember that it is a dream, and I know it’s not a problem, and the stuff just sort of fades away. I want him to be a different guy,though, not like me – he changes, into a slender red-blond guy. He has a nice body, but he’s very sinewy and lean, and has a sort of weak chin and lots of freckles. I run my hands down his body, checking him out; he seems friendly, smiling at me. I fondle his cock, already hard, and notice the shape of it, long and slim but with a large head.

He’s nice, but I want him to be a different guy, more of a dark sandy blond and a little more on the beefy side. I visualize it, closing my (dream) eyes for a minute, but when I open them, it’s still the same guy. He laughs, as if amused at my attempt to remodel him. The dream gets a little dim and grainy, and I know that I need to concentrate on it or I’ll wake up. I sit up in bed, and the bed now is a red double bunk bed (we used to have a red bunk bed in that room, years ago) although the bottom is a full-size bed and the top is a single. There is a metal piece sticking out from the side of the top bunk, perhaps where a ladder used to hook on, and I feel it and mentally note that it could hurt somebody if they bumped into it. Chris opens the door (in the dream), and I look at the clock and it says 6:50 – I tell Chris that he *knows* that I’m in here trying to sleep, and that waking me up right before my alarm at 7:00 is likely to interrupt my dreaming. He tells me that he’s heading out; he didn’t goto the gym, and he’s leaving for work, and it’s time to get up.

He leaves and closes the door behind him. I notice that the bedside table (which is in the wrong place) has a fountain on it – the real-life one does have a fountain, although it’s different than this one. There is a sink beside the fountain, and one of the fountain rocks has fallen into the sink; the sink water is on, and is splashing off the rock and spraying water everywhere. The bed is wet, both the top bunk and thebottom where I had been sleeping, although the water has just sprayed there and hasn’t yet soaked in. I grab towels and laundry and put them on the wet places, soaking up the water. It has splashed onto thefloor and the bedside table as well, and I clean those up. I want to go back to bed, but the light is on now – I look at the light switch and say, “SWITCH!” in a loud, cranky voice – clearly expecting it to turn off, but it won’t. I remember that dream lighting is difficult to change, and thus remember that I’m dreaming (I had gotten a little mixed up, between Chris coming in and the mess with the water) but then the dream scene fades and I wake up for real.

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  1. dark_phoenix54
    dark_phoenix54 says:

    I’m *never* able to get lucid dreams to work for me- I go lucid just find, and I can control what *I* do, but I can’t control the other characters or the setting. It’s so very frustrating to know that some people have the ability to do this! But also encouraging.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Oh, I’ve never really gotten good at controlling other dream characters or scenery, etc. I have worked on several interesting methods, like closing my (dream) eyes and visualizing change – but it’s really hard to believe it will happen, and of course that’s key.

    I have been trying, off and on, to work out a system of “magic doors” that will take me to distant places in a dream – so far, not so much luck, but I’m still hopeful. In one dream, I kept looking for “go-cards” that were like the Trumps of Amber – but I haven’t yet succeeded in bringing them into dreamland with me yet. I got close a couple of times.

  3. balanceinchaos
    balanceinchaos says:

    for me to consciously dream I have to do something similar to your description here… go to a separate room and choose to… sort of like “Free form meditation”. I can control characters and the environment if I choose, but usually I don’t unless the story playing out in my dream is not to my liking (not that they all have to be “nice” dreams, but if I’m not in the mood for a sex dream I change it or if I’m not up for a dark disciple dream, I change it). What I presently do not have is clear memories of my “normal sleeping” dreams.

  4. dendren
    dendren says:

    One of the meds I’m on gives me some very very wild dreams but I’ve never had any luck changing anything in lucid dreams. I do frequently have dreams where I am aware I’m dreaming but more often than not I end up with a ‘oh this is SO cool feeling” and just sit back and enjoy the wild and weird ride through my head. The few times I’ve tried to actually change something it’s just been a disappointment in the dream as I try and try to change things but ultimately give up and go back to enjoying the ride.

  5. dark_phoenix54
    dark_phoenix54 says:

    Ooh! I love the idea of the Trumps. Maybe I can remember to give that a try. I’ve tried the door thing, didn’t work. I have a *big* problem with doors in my dreams- they tend not to go where they are supposed to (in regards to the dream landscape) So often, I try to go through a door, and there’s another door behind it… and another… ad infinitum. That just happened last night. This time, I had enough to sense to say ‘fuck this’ and go another way rather than just keep trying.

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