Dream 20061108, 7:00 AM: Beetles in Nancy's Yard – partially LUCID

Dream 20061108:

NOTE: I think I found the Lucid Dream Necklace while I was in Mexico. I’ve been sort of idly looking around for it for four years now – this one is closer than anything I’ve seen. I didn’t wear it while dreaming, but did handle and look at it some beforehand.

Note: I’ve been thinking a lot about embroidery with beetle wings. I got some on Ebay. They’re AMAZING. Post about them to follow later.

I’m walking along a suburban street, and see a yard that looks like it would have interesting beetles. I look around at the base of the tree, and sure enough, there are huge ground beetles with brilliant multi-hued green heads. Their bodies are oblong and brown, almost like large dog ticks. They’re going in and out of the trunk of the tree, foraging through the leaves and ivy. There doesn’t appear to be anyone at home in the house, but I look occasionally to see if anyone is there. The front door is just a screen or glass door; I can see inside through it.

Then, a woman shows up at the door. She is shortish with medium-length curly brown hair, and wearing a red and white blouse or dress. She appears startled to see me. I stand up and start strolling nonchalantly down the block. I glance, and don’t see her at the door.

Then, a big blond guy, obviously gay, runs up to me. He gets in front of me, and confronts me with, “What were you doing with Nancy’s bees??” He seems angry. I try to explain that I wasn’t doing anything with the bees, I was actually looking for beetles to use for an embroidery project. I show him my wormspit.com card with the pictures of the insects on it (although in the dream, it’s more like a brochure, despite the fact that I pull it out of my wallet). He seems mollified, and lets me go. Then, the woman from the house comes running down the street, and explains that she doesn’t mind, and it’s OK if I want to look for beetles in her yard. I go back, and we sit and look for them together. However, it’s too late in the morning for beetles now – although we do find several other interesting things. One starts out looking like a dead bug, but turns out to be a tiny snake wrapped into a shape; it is brilliant metallic gold. It wakes up and we put it down and it slithers away.

After a while, I realize that I need to get back home. I stand up, thank Nancy, and start flying off. I’m zooming along, when I realize that I’m dreaming and become lucid. I zip along through the trees at an unusually high rate of speed, and even in the context of the dream I realize that it’s faster than I usually fly in dreams. I think it may have been influenced by the zip-lining in Puerto Vallarta. I wake up.

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  1. webwawa
    webwawa says:

    i’ve learned to fly when something bad happens in a dream, to get away from the bad situation..

    but then there are power lines everywhere.. if i go too high then i get going too fast and can’t control how high i go and can lose oxygen. so i haveto decide if i’m going to angle my tragectory (like floating in space) under the power lines, above the power lines, or try to go inbetween the very large power lines with multiple rows.

    one of the last times though i had a flying dream, i ran and jumped up like i normally do in flying dreams hovering in the air. then i push off and sort of swim higher and balance hovering.. but this time the bad guy could fly too! i went up higher and hiher into the atmosphere until i hit a fake cieling painted like the sky like the Truman show.. it was NOT cool!

    except then i opened a panel in the cieling and there were electrical circuits and boards inside and i found one labelled GW BUSH. I crossed it with a lightning circuit from a sky control panel and a lightning bolt hit the white house below. Prez bush was giving a speech and laughed in his usual arrogant stupid manner and said “woah ho ho that was close eheh”

  2. greyfortholly
    greyfortholly says:

    OMG! I think a dream ending like that would scare the crap out of me.
    I too have ended up tangled in power lines when flying in my dreams and I start flying in the same process you do too; the realization of it being a dream is triggered by someone chasing me, and I take a jump and fly.

    Last time I had a dream like that I started getting into trees and using them as catapults to get rid of the ‘bad guy’, scare him off or just rig it so he/she/it is flung so far away that they won’t bother me anymore.

    I’ve always loved being in trees. 😀

  3. webwawa
    webwawa says:

    oh ive never used the trees.. i guess i normally don’t see trees sadly. that’s kind of Crouching Tiger – Hidden dragon style! i should try to think of trees instead of the city obstacles next time i’m flying.

    i’m usually stuck between buildings, power lines and industrial complexes ugh.. kind of like trying to look at a pretty sunset but having buildings and powerlines obstructing the view.

  4. admin
    admin says:

    I’ve always wondered why we all seem to have powerlines in our flying dreams. Some sort of ley line thing, or just a weird transferrence from seeing real powerlines cross the sky?

  5. webwawa
    webwawa says:

    i think we kind of block them out, but it’s unnatural to have these things EVERYwhere. sometimes sitting at stop lights, i cant wait until someday we have the technology to have them all underground or not at all

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