More macro-closeups. Caterpillars behind the cut.

The tiny claws amuse me. They look so much like cat claws. Only like cat claws X 10 -3

I’m really pleased with the focus level in this one. For some reason, the auto-focus on the macro has difficulty getting focused fully on the white worms, but does much better on the colored ones.

I love how wiggly the hairs are – it makes it look like he has bed-head.

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  1. wow. i’m really impressed. i’m not so good with macro photography. granted, my camera has nowhere near the megapixels that yours has. but still. 😛

    and your critters are sooooooooo cool.

  2. Yeah – I got a couple of daylight bulbs, and by arranging them right I can get much better focus – but the white worms still seem to be more trouble than anything with texture or color.

    I’ve ordered a closeup and a macro lens; I’m looking forward to seeing what I can get with those.

  3. These are just with the macro “tulip” button – I’ve got an actual macro lens and some diopter filters on order, so we’ll see what that can catch. I’m hoping I can get slightly better depth of field on some of this stuff.

  4. Nice Pictures!

    I get the feeling that you like micro stuff – first micro weaving, and now micro closeup pictures.

    I SO need to get a new camera!

  5. Canon is the best!

    IMHO, Canon Camera’s are the best out there when it comes to digital photography. I won’t get anything else because of my dissapointments in the past with other brands. Samsung is natorious (sp?) for having crappy products…and I have experienced it first hand. *shutter* Go Canon, all the way!

  6. Wow

    You had sent me a few tussahs. They died ( of natural casues)before I had an entomology class, but I used a dried one to take a picture with a ball of yarn for my photogrpahy class. I will post a picture on my. But yours are very very pretty alive.

  7. Hello

    Hi there,

    Hiro(aphasia) directed me to your journal, and I must say that I think your pictures are just wonderful. Not least for showing that the world is wonderful, which I reckon can not be repeated (or shewn, as Blake would say), too often.

    I took the liberty of adding you as a friend and I will look very much forward to reading more about silks and moths and occasional cruises.

    Yes, glad to have found you. Kindest regards and best wishes, David

  8. Re: Hello

    Well, howdy!

    Welcome to my journal. I friended you as well. I don’t usually put much behind a friends-lock, but there is the occasional dream entry.

  9. Re: Hello

    Thanks a bundle 🙂

    I think I could count on one hand the number of times anyone has ever said ‘howdy’ to me. I am giddy with novelty (and some sleepyness).

  10. Re: Hello

    No, it doesn’t happen much at all, unless perhaps at theme parties or so. The best we can do is “daw” (pronounced like ‘dow,’ short for “goddag” – good day). I think that is the equivalent of howdy. It is what I would probably say if I was hitchhiking and a farmer picked me up and I wanted to make him feel at ease.

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