I’ve been too crazy-busy with this and several other things to mention it before, but I got married on May 5. After five and a half years of living together as a committed couple, Christopher and I agreed that it was high time for all of our friends and family to meet up and have a big party!

We had the ceremony in the fantastic building where I have worked for six years. This is Kurth Hall, which we used for the ceremony.

Janet and Charles Mars presided. They are the High Priest and Priestess of the British Traditionalist coven that I attend. We aimed for a vague, non-denominational ceremony, so as not to stress out some of the more conservative family members – they were already dealing with a gay wedding, they didn’t need the culture shock of a full-on Wiccan ritual. My goal, was for people to walk out thinking, “Hmm… are they Unitarians? What was that?” while all our Wiccan friends nod sagely.

The ceremony was perfect; simple and moving, elegant and not too long. When Janet talked about love and commitment, people cried. When we found out that gluten-free rice crackers crunch *REALLY LOUD* in a quiet hall, people laughed.

Each of us had two attendants; Chris called them the Best Chicks and I referred to them as the Groomsmaids. My dance partner Jerod was our Impresario; he made sure that things happened, he ushed people, he kept the music playing.

LOTS of family came! I was very touched by the support. There were folks here that I haven’t seen in over a decade. I got to meet some members of Chris’s family that I’d never met before, including his dad and his brother in law.

There were SO many presents. This is only part of them – many came in by UPS, scattered over a couple of weeks before the ceremony. It was like Christmas every day, for a month. The thank you cards are almost all written.

We had the food catered by someone that I know through work; she did a beautiful job as always. Roasted chicken with long-grain and brown rice in a wine sauce, salad, and a mix of fruits, cheeses, and gluten-free crackers.

We had help from family and friends, but we did most of the decorating and organizing ourselves. Here’s Chris putting together flower arrangements. We went with silver and gold – to represent the years we’ve already had together, and the years we look forward to in the future.

This is one of the tables.

We were floored by the number of people who came! In front, a couple of our friends who have LiveJournals – I won’t name names here, but you know who you are.

Our friend Mark, who was bartending for us, had an announcement – his boyfriend George gave him a ring. We’re very happy for him – Mark is a wonderful person and deserves only good things.

Jaime was impressed.

We had the traditional first dance – Chris decided that it should be a fast waltz. It was beautiful, and fun. We wore boots. With handmade socks, no less!

Business with cake. My friend Nancy baked gluten-free cake for me, and Chris made the cool chocolate silkmoth that sat atop it. There was a big hazelnut cream white cake for folks who could eat it. They were both really tasty.

We originally planned to leave early, but it didn’t work out that way – so instead of people blowing bubbles at us as we left, they blew bubbles as we danced a last dance.

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  1. esmerel
    esmerel says:

    You guys look fantastic and very happy. I’ve been having a morning, and you made me stop to think back on my own wedding (4 years ago next month!), and being married to my sweetie is the greatest thing in the world. Thanks for giving me a mental break. 😉 Congratulations to both of you:)

  2. milehigh33
    milehigh33 says:

    Congratulations!!……those are wonderful pictures and make me want to pick out china patterns and living room furniture soooooo bad!!

  3. milehigh33
    milehigh33 says:

    i’ve been tempted to do that even though i’m single…….sort of like Muriel trying on dresses in “Muriel’s Wedding”……..i can dream, can’t i?!

  4. admin
    admin says:

    LOL. Flowers were all from Sam’s – we had their florist do the big arrangement, we did all the little ones. Total cost for flowers and vases was about $160. We decided we would do the whole thing as inexpensively as it was possible while still doing it NICE – it ended up being a little over 2 grand, which is really not bad!

  5. admin
    admin says:

    Hey – you can still register – lots of the registries allow you to go through and set up a list for house warmings, special events, or just “other”.

    “Hey, y’all! I’m having a bring-me-presents party. Y’all come. Here’s the list!”


  6. admin
    admin says:

    And besides – that way once you *do* find the right guy, you will have made many of the hard choices, and he can just get totally railroaded into agreeing with whatever you’ve picked out, since you’ve clearly done all the homework.

    You learn a lot about a person, shopping for kitchen fixtures.

  7. milehigh33
    milehigh33 says:

    i totally agree……..also paying attention to how a man treats people in the service industry and how much he tips will give you a big clue into who he is……..

    i’m going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond this weekend and having a “wishing” spree

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to you both! May you have many, MANY more happy and blessed years together!!

    I need to go find a kleenex now. Your post was so beautiful and lovely! =)


  9. mzwyndi
    mzwyndi says:

    SAM’S!!! I would never have thought of it, but that’s brilliant.

    The current theory is that we’re going to just skip the cake, entirely. Going with an enormous pile of scones served on a large tray, with clotted cream and strawberry jam on every table.

    And tea.

    Anglophile? Me? *bats eyelashes* It’s my subtle way of introducing the BTW part of my life to the long-standing WASPs in the family. I loved the subtle-enough-to-be-Unitarian theme. I totally intend to steal that.

  10. admin
    admin says:

    Hee. Steal away! I like the scones idea.

    We got lots of compliments on the ceremony. I’d be happy to share if you want to see the wordings, etc.

  11. mzwyndi
    mzwyndi says:

    I would *love* to see the wording. It’s funny how you can help plan everyone else’s weddings and rites, but when it is your own… total brain freeze.

  12. julilla1
    julilla1 says:

    How wonderful! Congratulations to both of you, and may the Gods bless your marriage with peace and an abundance of love, spirit and joy. You both looked handsome and happy, and the flowers were beautiful. 😀

  13. grok
    grok says:

    Blessed Be!

    I had a happy little cry reading this – thanks for sharing and congratulations!

    The bubble picture is candid magic.

  14. ruddawg
    ruddawg says:

    Congratulations on your wedded bliss! I had to crack up when I read the ‘we mellowed out the ceremony for our already confused guests’ comment. That reminds me of many ceremonies I’ve been to where if the little old lady up in front started break dancing…the rest of the people would. They’d think it was part of the ceremony!

    Hope you many more years of happiness and sunshine to both of you.

  15. admin
    admin says:

    Our official little old lady couldn’t make it – I SO wish she would have! She’s the kind who gets up and dances when the spirit moves her.

  16. admin
    admin says:

    Re: Blessed Be!


    Yah, my boss, who’s married to a pro photographer, said that the bubbles wouldn’t show… but they did!

  17. snack
    snack says:

    oh my gosh!! what a fabulous ceremony! i’m terribly jealous and overjoyed for you!!! that’s beyond cool and the two of you look very happy.

    seriously – that’s wonderful! congratulations! i need to find a way to fold space/time so i can come to these sorts of important things. seriously.

  18. hiroaphasia
    hiroaphasia says:

    I know I don’t comment very often:

    But I always really enjoy your posts. This one made me very happy for you. It looks brilliant- It looks right, you two.

    I wish you all the best,


  19. admin
    admin says:

    Re: I know I don’t comment very often:


    I don’t post very often, either… so not commenting very often doesn’t faze me.

  20. unluckymonkey
    unluckymonkey says:

    OH MY GOD! I almost burst into tears before even clicking to see the pics! that’s so wonderful! Congrats! After dating my man for nearly 8yrs I’m about to give up on getting married or murder in his sleep. 😉 That was beautiful adn I’m so happy you had such a big room full of supportive friends and family. AWESOME!

  21. moon8sky
    moon8sky says:

    It was such a lovely experiance and yes I was one of them crying in the back nodding of course… It was one of the best weddings I have been too! Both of you looked so good all dressed up. I am so happy for you both!!

  22. admin
    admin says:

    So do you mean you’re going to give up on BOTH marriage AND murder? Ya gotta keep at least ONE option open!!


    And thanks – it has been quite an adventure!

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