The Willie Dancers

We got passes for backstage last weekend, for the Willie Nelson show in Fort Worth.

Thanks to Paul for the photos!
This one is several of the dancers, Willie, and his wife.

This shot was more fun, but less focused.

We got to watch the show from the stage… we were THIS CLOSE!

0 thoughts on “The Willie Dancers

  1. I think he’s the son of one of the band members. Willie’s son was playing too, but in percussion, further back on the stage.

  2. yeah.. i remember something about his son.. thought that might be it, but i see… fun fun.

    i’m so glad i got tosee him at gypsy tea room up close.. he is gettin ollllld – man he’s tough!

  3. That’s so unfortunate, really. All of my friends and I love that song. I’ve been sharing the video with everyone I can think of, by the way. All of y’all did an excellent job!!

  4. I’ve loved Willie Nelson since I was a little girl. Even through all my heavy metal days, i never gave him up. His pictures are all over my walls at work. It frives me nuts I can find any poster size good shots of my man. You are so awesome for posting these!!!

  5. These are all sized down – if you want me to send you any of the non-sized-down versions, just let me know.

  6. Cool! Saw the video the other night on Logo. I saw you and was like Hey! and then remembered your mentioning it. Fun stuff. 🙂

  7. Yaay! You’re the first person that I’ve heard from who saw it on LOGO; all the folks involved with the project were at the show.

    It’s been a lot of fun – hopefully some of the other networks will pick it up.

  8. I’ll send you some of the big files… there are a LOT of them, if you want more – I just resized a few.

    If you’re going to marry Willie – you’d better hurry up! He’s definitely showing his age. Oh, and his wife looks like a force to be reckoned with, too – that’s her in the middle of the second group shot with him.

  9. Everyone keeps telling me I’d better be prepared for the inevitable. I fell for him when I was 8, so I’m probably gonna crater when I lose him. She looks rather wicked, but hopefully she loves him as much as I do 😉 YOU haven’t aged a day in the entire time I’ve been on LiveJournal you gorgeous hunk! I need to start dreaming about you instead!

  10. I caught the video on the NewNowNext show (after the documentary on rural gays.) It was the country music addition. Though I like selective country, they were wise to hook everyone by starting with the Willie video. 🙂 And then they played the new Dixie Chicks video, which was pretty damn cool.

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