0 thoughts on “The pansies are line dancing

  1. Yup – that’s me, one of the line-dancing pansies.

    I am looking forward to seeing it – the shoot went well.

  2. I was wondering that!

    If they’re in town, maybe they saw it on the news? It was on at least a couple of stations; live coverage from the WB. Or maybe they just heard about the video through the Magic of the Internet? I am endlessly amused and surprised at how interconnected the world is nowadays…

    All the promo information mentions a “Broken Lizard Comedy Troupe” that is supposed to be making a video for the song – I’m hoping that there has been a change of plans, and the video is now us!

  3. I figure, that’s certainly not the worst thing anybody can say. And, if it intrigues them enough to keep watching, they start to realize there’s a lot of hot pansies out there… 🙂

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