Don't touch my Willie…

For those of you who haven’t bumped into that part of my life… I’m a country-western dancer.

You know that Willie Nelson gay cowboys song that has been hitting the press lately (at least around here) – you can hear it here:

The cool part? I’m going to be dancing in the music video. We’re in choreography rehearsal, scheduled to shoot early next week, national release is planned for mid-March.

These are the guys who started out at the first rehearsal; it’s shifted a little, so I’m not sure which ones will be in the final shoot, and there are some new ones not pictured.

I’m in the dark green shirt, upper left side by the Coors sign.

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  1. Way to go sweetie… I love Willie, grew up listening to him, even took my mom to a show he did out at billy bobs, it was a really great show too, had lots of fun… Can’t wait to see it!

  2. is it true that he wrote that song a few years ago after his long-time tour manager came out of the closet, and willie wanted to let him know that he was cool with it? but then didnt record it until now?

  3. I haven’t heard the tour-manager part of the story. I have heard that he wrote it about 20 years ago. From reading around, it looks like the manager just came out a couple of years ago; maybe it was for some other friend of Willie’s?

  4. is right, Ned Sublette wrong the song about 20 years ago, and Willie decided to do the song after his tour manager came out. At least that is what I read in the Dallas Morning news 🙂

  5. Cool! I picked you out even before you told us where you were!

    That is one funky looking beard on the guy just above and to the right of the hot chick dead center!!

    Let us know when it’s released – i’ll watch it!

  6. It’s really great how you seem to dominate the photo… I’ve already purchased the song from iTunes and now look forward to the video. Congratulations.

  7. Hee. It’s kind of funny – there is a guy in there who was like the Big Man On Campus the whole night, ’cause he’s handsome and has huge muscles – but in the photo he’s all hidden. They did several shots with only some of the pretty-body cowboys, and I’m sure he showed up more there.

  8. So many pretty men — for such a terrible song.

    No seriously, those lyrics get on my nerve like nothing. I keep wanting to yell “I ain’t gay because I am some kind of chick!”

  9. The guy who has the muscles… he may be there, but looking at each and every face.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the handsomest cowboy of all? Yup, look in the mirror!

  10. Yup. There are many hot cowboys there. A lot of them (myself included) are just guys in cowboy clothes… “All hat… no cattle” – but a good number of them are total country boys.

    I grew up in a suburb, but my grandparents had acreage in Kansas and I learned to ride on the pony and then Granddad’s horse when I was a kid – so I’m kinda in between. I know how to work a posthole digger, but I don’t like doing it. 🙂

  11. My father’s parents raised horses for much of their lives, and my mother was a show rider when she was young. (Seabiscuit took about half again as long to watch because she kept pausing it to explain all the interesting details.) I spent a summer on a sheep and alfalfa farm in Colorado when I was twelve, and in some ways I think I’ve spent the rest of my life since never forgetting it. That’s it for me too, though…all hat, no cattle. 😉

  12. I haven’t. This is the year I hope to change that. I plan to visit my family in Utah this June, then head north to Calgary and a straight event afterwards, the Stampede. Even in a place like the Bay Area there are still some events, so there’s no excuse really–just gotta get off my butt!

  13. I know. That’s one of the things I first thought, when the choreographer handed out lyrics sheets… “This is based on the same kind of misguided crap that a lot of society thinks about homosexuality.”

    Ironically, out of all the groups that they could have this opinion about – the CW crowd is the least “between sexes” – these are pretty much all guys who like guys.

    Still, I’m glad it’s getting out there.

  14. Yeah Willie’s song promises to drag Country Music’s gay awareness ahead twenty years or more…

    …firmly into the mid 1970s.

    But at least its something.

  15. W00!

    That looks like fun.

    But you might want to check with the casting agency. A couple of those guys appear to be ummmmm… how can I say this politely….. ummm…. “gurls”… yea. that’s the word “gurls”.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with gurls.

  16. I have no idea who’s going to pick it up. They didn’t think the song itself would hit the regular airwaves, but several of the stations, even some non-country stations, have played it – more as a joke than anything, but hey, it’s getting played.

    We’ll have to see!

  17. It should be fun. Those are friends of Darrin, the choreographer – when Willie is singing lines like “Inside every cowboy there’s a lady who’d love to slip out,” they walk up from behind this big muscleman and do some cute dance stuff.

  18. For some odd reason I’m having a hard time picturing you in a cowboy hat…unless it’s made out of silk.

    Sounds like a blast, Have fun doing it!

  19. peace silk

    you seem to have the scoop on silk, so this is my question…they say they let the larvae come out of the cocoon and then make the silk…but they have roving or sliver, so how do they get continuous silk thread from a damaged cocoon…what is that process…is the tussah from that inferior to the other, shorter fibres etc…thanks for you help, michael….cedar

  20. Re: peace silk

    Peace silk is raised by letting the moth emerge (the larvae transforms into a moth inside the cocoon) and mate. Continuous silk is not possible from these cocoons; they cannot be reeled.

    Personally, I feel that peace silk is not a very consistent concept. If you let ALL the moths emerge and breed, you will have a number of eggs that is not feasible to raise. They multiply geometrically. If you start with a modest-sized batch of a thousand, assuming they’re exactly half male… your second generation will be two hundred fifty thousand caterpillars. The next batch would be sixty two million. That’s assuming 500 eggs per moth, perfect pairings, 100% survival… but you get the idea. You just can’t raise them all. The fertilized eggs each contain a complete functional caterpillar – at what point do you do away with them? It seems to me that freezing, squashing, drying out, or starving all those viable eggs is not all that different from stifling the pupae for reeling.

    Tussah is an entirely different species (actually 3 species plus a hybrid) – they are not closely related to Bombyx silk.

    There is another variety of peace silk, which is actually raised by many Jain Buddhists – it is a different species, Samia ricini (Eri silkmoth) which makes an open-ended, non-reelable cocoon. I still have the problem with what happens to all those theoretical eggs – and, I’ve seen Indian sericultural manuals that explain how to cut out the pupae and use them for fertilizer!

  21. The shoot was today – it went well, but it was a lot of work! I’m going to be sooooore tomorrow – we learned a new segment of choreography that involved falling down “dead” – and any time you learn new choreography, you do it again, and again, and again… ow.

  22. Re: AWESOME!

    Hee. I’m not afilliated with entertainment – I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and the choreographer is a dance buddy of mine.

    I’m also going to be on HGTV showing my silk weaving – but I’ll make a post about that after it’s in the can!

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