Dream: The Guys in the Convertible – sexual, LUCID

This is an account of a dream which has some graphic gay sexual elements. If that kind of thing bothers you, or if you’re not old enough to read it, please don’t click through.

Dream 20051104, 6:30 AM:

I had a red pill and an orange one before bed. Definitely sexual and adventurous dreams!

I’m driving down the highway toward downtown; I think I’m going in to work. I suddenly wake up, and realize that I have fallen fast asleep while driving at freeway speed; I’m briefly terrified, and for a panicky moment I check and make sure that I’m going the right way, in the right lane, etc. I also feel very groggy, as if I’ve been woken from a sound sleep, but it shakes off quickly with the panic from realizing I’m driving. Everything seems to be OK. There are huge dark rain clouds over the city, and I can see the bands of torrential rain coming down. I’m not looking forward to getting out of the car and getting drenched. Then, I look at the car ahead of me and to one side; it’s two hot body builders in a convertible with the top down. As I watch, the passenger climbs up onto the back seat area so that he’s lying sideways across behind the real seats, on that little half-seat. He is wearing gym clothes, and he pulls his shorts down, freeing his cock, and begins to stroke it. He looks like something out of a porn movie, rubbing his other hand up under his shirt and eventually removing it. He and the driver are both big handsome hairy guys, and I’m getting a thrill watching them. There is a bus that pulls alongside, and people are staring in shock at the display.

The hot guys take a quick freeway exit, and I follow them, enjoying the show. I don’t remember losing sight of them, and I don’t recall parking, but I find myself at work. It’s not the place where I really work, it’s quite different, although some of the people are the same. I’m hearing people talking about some spectacle on the freeway this morning that they’d heard about; I listen for a while as they conjecture, and then I tell them what had happened. I remember trying to find ways to explain it that weren’t too graphic for the office water cooler.

I see the label on a box, and look away, and notice that it’s not quite the same once I look back. I think it may just be a trick of the light or something, so I carefully look at the box, some kind of product that I don’t remember now, and I close my eyes and reopen them, reading the text a couple of times. It definitely changes. I say, out loud, “Hot damn, so I’m still dreaming!” This part of the dream had felt so much like waking life, I was very fooled. I kind of feel my body, and notice my environment; the dream environment is quite solid, so I decide to see if I can find the guys from the car again. I look around, and after some searching find a door that leads to a stairway; I find that going up or down is often a good way to change locations in my lucid dreams. I get to a lower level, and out of the stairs into a locker room. The convertible guys are here, towels wrapped around their waists, along with a large crowd of other hot guys. The one guy tells me he had been waiting for me. They are a little more gritty and less dashing looking close up, but they’re still very hot. I I reach out and start to rub one of the guys’ chest, and the dream starts to go grainy and fade, and I wake up for real this time.

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  1. jellybean71
    jellybean71 says:

    Do you think the dream may have been triggered by whatever you took before bed?
    What kind of environmental factors modify your dreams that you know of? I know if I am too hot, my dreams go psycho. Literally. Very dark and bloody.

    Sorry for all the questions, but I have just recently started cataloguing my own dreams because of their odd content.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    The “pills” are actually a psychological experiment. I have them divided up in little pill bottles by color, and a friend made me fancy little prescription-like labels so they look like real medicine. I’m working on getting them to influence my dreams. They’re really candy.

    I definitely find that my day, as well as my sleeping environment, influence my dream life. In this particular case, the hot porno-boys were probably influenced by hot boys I’d seen in a porno earlier in the evening. 🙂

    I work at visualization, as well as environmental influences, trying to see if I can communicate back and forth between the waking and dream states. I find that if I can induce a dream about something, it often gives me different insights, and also some dreams are excellent stress relief, soothing, or just plain fun!

  3. admin
    admin says:

    The majority of dream content is based in what psychologists call “day residue.” Everything you’ve seen, heard, been exposed to, thought about, done… it goes into the hopper, and bits of it come out. That’s why you often incorporate bits of movies, or people you’ve seen or thought about, etc.

    Inducing a dream – if you want to dream about something in particular, you can tip the odds in its favor, by focusing on and concentrating about it. Watch a movie that features it, or read a book (which I find can be better than a movie, as it makes your brain work more) – if it’s something you can involve other sense with, do that. Visualize whatever it is, engaging as much sensory imagery as you can. Hopefully, it’ll work its way out in the dream state.

    If you’re lucky, and you practice hard (or at least, it takes a lot of practice for me) – you can actually get to a state of lucidity – where you realize that you’re dreaming, and then you can actively seek out whatever it is you wanted to dream about. It can be surprisingly difficult to change the course of a dream, but it’s possible. I’ve got a lot more lucid dreams further back in my archive, a couple of years ago.

    Steven LaBerge’s book “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming” has a lot of good information.
    is the Lucidity Institute’s Website.

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