Dream: Deed to the Kingwood House; Weaving with Liz O. and Nikki

Dream 20050729, 2:45 AM:
The earliest part of this dream that I can remember is at the old Kingwood house. Chris and I are there looking around; we are talking about some photos that were taken in the back yard which show a tent made of netting. It’s sort of a home-made type thing, not a camping tent. We talk about the sight lines, and how it’s one of the things guaranteed in the deed restrictions. Mom and Dad are here now, and they’re telling me a bunch of little detail stuff related to the deed, and they explain that we have to be careful with the codicils because they could change if, for example, they divorced. Mom says that the bit that explains the parcel given to them by the neighbors is very important, and shows me a little packet of paper. She says that part of it is still on the other side of the fence although they own it; they walk me out in the yard to show me, and explain that there are a couple of vegetable sheds on the space now.

Then, I’m sitting with the family in the living room, and watching Greysie the cat in a tree outside. She is stalking a large white bird, but it’s quite a ways off from where she is sitting up the tree. Suddenly she leaps outward in this huge arc and catches the bird. She falls to the ground with it and rolls. It’s now changed to a full-grown bluejay, and I wonder if she’ll be able to handle a bird that big; she’s a little cat. She plays with it, hamming it up as if aware that we’re watching; she puts its head in her mouth and poses, then takes it out, rolls over, holding it with her paws up in the air, and such. We’re all amused by her antics, but I go outside and clap my hands so she’ll let it go. She tosses it aside, and it doesn’t look like it flies off. It also looks like a white bird again.

Then, I’m sitting and weaving at this HUGE loom, like something you’d weave blankets on. It seems to be outside, and I get the sense that it’s in the very back part of the yard at the Kingwood house, although in a way it also seems inside. From where I sit to throw the shots, I can’t see the weaving itself. I throw a few shots and then realize that it’s snarling up. I get up and look at the warp, which is woven on both the cloth and the fabric sides, as if I’d worked to the end and hit the beginning again. It’s a very rough wool cloth in shades of rust and olive. I cut the warp, and start pulling through another warp which is already through the reed. This warp is bright silk, in shades of fuchsia and turqouise. Liz O is here, working on a piece of brilliantly colored printed fabric, like she’s sewing a complicated
garment. She has it spread out on the warp like a table, pinning on it. I work around her carefully, making sure I don’t interrupt or disturb her. I ask her a question about the warp I’m pulling through, and she tells me that I’m doing it right. Then, my friend Nikki is here, and she starts helping me to attach the new warp to the loom. She puts a flat board on top of the warp section, and explains that we have to make a mushroom, that’s a thing to keep the warp flat. She has sections of what appears to be metal measuring tape, and she’s somehow using them to attach the board to the loom. Then, she starts pulling little sections of the threads to tie to the cloth beam, but it’s at the back and not the front of the loom.

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    Yup. You were very helpful. 🙂

    Let me know if you want to try any of the ones I do… I’ve got LOTS of supplies, and in some cases even spare tools.

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    Not sure – I work Saturday 9 – 5, probably going to go two-stepping Saturday night. Other than that, nothing planned yet.

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