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  1. Thanks! I love it too. I decided that if I’m going to be giving workshops on silk, I need to have more snazzy silk stuff… and this one has an Italian cut that looks really good on, too. I loves me some Brandini.

  2. I must agree w/everyone else. That is actually a good shot, not just because you’re cute, but photographically speaking… it’s a good shot.

    I need a new camera.

  3. Well, actually, plenty of silk… silk shirt, silk undershirt! I need to get me some silk undies and socks, and silk slacks, so I can go all-silk… it feels so slinky and wonderful.

  4. Handsome devil! I’ve never seen a fullsized face front pic of you. You shouldn’t be camera shy with that mug. LOVE the shirt too! 🙂

  5. Hee. I’m surprised that some of the “eek, it’s Crazy Concert Night” angst isn’t showing through in my expression. I think this was *before* my boss had to leave early to take care of a situation, and I was suddenly in charge of all her usual concert stuff plus mine, and the drunk woman decided she needed to pet my head. It was a FUN night.

  6. Oh the accolades of the browneyed handsome man with the ever so sweet dimples!
    Even Hubby agrees it’s a good photo.
    What kind of concert was going on? Are you merchandising or a musician?

  7. It was jazz music; a guitarist named Melvin Sparks. I’m logistics – I work for the site that hosts the concert series.

  8. The picture does capture the warm, generous, intelligent spirit I’ve seen in your words and works.
    When I came across this post, that I’ll link to below, the above comment of yours popped to mind. Hope you find it useful. If not for the garments, then perhaps for the company itself. I thought you might enjoy their approach. Plus, they knit their silk and claim a 75% stretch of their fabric. Made me wonder if you knit as well as weave silk.

    Link to the post:


    How very cool!
    We are jazz freaks here, mostly the older stuff but we like to hear what is up and coming. Our nightly routine includes listening to CBC radio 2 from 10:pm to midnight.
    Which site is it you are working with for this concert series?

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