Dream: RC and the Flying Car

Dream 20041230:

I’m with someone, I think it’s my mom. We’re in an old house; I recognize it as her house in the dream, but it’s not anywhere that my family has lived. The phone rings, and it’s RC, a member of the jazz program where I work. She tells me that she needs me to babysit from six PM until 2 AM for her little daughter. I explain that I can’t, I’m working on a big project. She tells me that it’s an emergency. We talk about it some more, and I tell her that I can do it, as long as I can bring my project with me – it’s a weaving project [which I’m working on in real life] and I can pay attention to her daughter while I’m working on it. Then, she starts asking me about my credentials, where I went to school, etc. It seems like a very intense interview, considering that she called me in the first place. She asks something that I can’t quite understand – I can’t hear what she’s saying – and she repeats it and I answer. Then, she asks if I went to Lalique – again, I ask her to repeat it – it’s apparently some kind of private school. I explain that I went to public school, and she scoffs, saying that my socialization must not be very good. I get annoyed with that comment, and hang up the phone. I explain to Mom why I hung up on the woman.

Then, RC shows up at the door. She’s carrying some piece of lumber – I don’t know why. She seems shocked that I hung up on her; I explain that she was being insulting, and she seems OK with the explanation. She still wants me to babysit. I get my stuff, and she drives me to her place in a neat old convertible – it’s an early sixties car, or possibly late fifties. There’s some confusion that I can’t remember about taking me to her house, and it seems like I’ll have to drive her car to get home – but I don’t remember that part well. I remember looking through a box on her dresser, trying to find a scarf. Then, we’re getting back into the car together – I see several cars that aren’t the right one, then we finally get in, RC and her daughter and I. I have some kind of spice in a little pouch, and I sprinkle it on the car, which can then fly. We rise high up into the air, and start zooming along. We see the area laid out below us almost like a map; we’re following the course of a bunch of big powerlines, because they cut a neat swath through the trees. We have to dodge the occasional powerline that crosses the wide clear space, and we go back and forth between trying to fly above them, or keep below them. It’s exhilirating and a little scary.

We get caught somehow. I don’t remember a wild flying-car chase, the next scene is us in a holding building. It’s like an old courthouse, and there are table displays of antique items. I don’t remember handcuffs or a cell, but there’s a definite feeling of confinement. Somehow, we slip out. It’s not a major jailbreak, it’s more like they’re busy doing administrative stuff, and we just walk to another room. I remember taking my pouch of flying spice, and sprinkling it on the artifacts on the tables, and chanting something – it was like, “Beautiful things, ancient things, remember when you had wings” in a sing-song voice. Everything starts rising up off the tables and dancing around. I go around and sprinkle furniture and all kinds of stuff, and eventually the old building itself, which starts to rise through the trees in a slow whirl. We get in the car and fly away, although I don’t remember where we’re going. The old people who run the courthouse are standing on the ground flummoxed, but it’s like a kinda-mean bad-guy in an After School special, with lots of comical shaking of fists and “I’ll get you” shouts.

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  1. greyfortholly
    greyfortholly says:

    I sooooo miss my best friend who is now living up in Whitehorse with his hubby. Whenever he or I were overbaffled by crazy content in each others dreams (which was alot) we would discuss them together and make sense out them. He and I have also had visions about each other.
    That’s why I asked you about yours. You seem to be on a similar “Path” as my friend. He was born a Celt and has been persuing the First Nations traditions for quite a few years. My “Path” is not the same, but that has never interferred with our friendship bond.
    Let me know if this is too much info. 🙂


  2. admin
    admin says:

    I *love* DeLint. I’ve got a large collection of his books, although I know I don’t have them all.

    I do read across my dreams and study them – but it’s more often in terms of recurring themes, or patterns from dream to dream. In many dreams involving flight, I find that there is just a sheer joy in flight – it’s often not an escape or fleeing pursuit, it’s just fun to fly. In this one, I think that there’s a lot of fleeing-from-judging-society, represented by the older people in the museum-courthous; I really don’t know why RC is showing up in my dreams and asking me to take care of her daughter. In real life, she’s a strong independent woman, and has (so far as I know) no real daughter – this kind of thing in my dreams is typically metaphorical.

    And I am on a fairly eclectic path, although my practice is BritTrad Wiccan. I don’t follow a particular set of dictums, and we’re a relatively mentally flexible coven.

  3. greyfortholly
    greyfortholly says:

    This is becoming an interesting discussion:).

    I have also learned to fly when I am being persued in my dreams. More often than not, though, I end up tangled in really large power lines that are strung across the landscape in rows of 4 or more: It’s like I can’t get high enough anymore. This is totally in sync with my meditative life in the past few years. I’ve gone through some nasties in real life and haven’t gotten back into my former routine. (The above mentioned friend knows this without talking to me and gets after me about it.)

    Have you gone through periods of testing that nearly broke your present faith? How long did it take you to recover?

  4. admin
    admin says:

    Power lines show up with amazing frequency in flying dreams. I haven’t seen a good thorough explanation; some of the out-of-body folks say that it’s a force line in the Astral plane, some of the it’s-all-a-dream folks presume that it’s a human guess at what might be a hazard of flight. I really don’t know. I have gotten them forever, since I was a child. It’s difficult to fly above them; some times they totally block my way, or I have to work around them. I don’t remember ever getting tangled in them, per se; I always avoid touching them. Sometimes they glow, or give other evidence of being “hot.” I always know in the dream that it would be painful, possibly fatal, to run into them.

    I don’t think of my experience of Wicca as a “faith” per se, as much as a “practice.” My faith is complicated, and I don’t really think it’s as simple as “In the Beginning there was God,” or “The God and the Goddess”… I see the dualism as a good way for my human mind to phrase the un-intelligible into human terms, and I like the idea that our mental energies can be sent out into the Universe to enact change (magick, or prayer). I haven’t had anything really shake my basic feelings about the way the world works.

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