Dream: "Fear is an After-Thought"

Dream 20041024, 9:00 AM:
This dream is very movie-like. It’s set in a could-be-tomorrow type future, where a totalitarian regime has taken over and everyone is essentially a prisoner of the State.

I remember walking down a pathway, with a bunch of other people – it feels like we’re being transferred from one place to another. There are guards walking alongside us. There’s a big red-headed woman with a pretty young girl; she turns to me and tells me that her daughter said the strangest thing; the little girl looks at me, quite serious, and says, “Fear… is an after-thought.”

There are other guards riding around in golf carts. I and several other people bend down and pick up rocks from the gravel of the pathway, and pitch them at the carts. It’s apparently a protest, although we don’t throw them with enough force to do any damage.

I’m taken into custody, and taken to an office. There’s a woman here, she’s a general or something like. The name plate on her desk says that she’s Mrs. Marilyn Chambers. She talks about the insurgence, and it’s almost like talking to a high school principal, but I don’t feel very afraid of her. She pulls out an envelope with “Maryland Chambers” written on it – and I recognize that it’s my handwriting. I make the mental connection, and realize that this is the same person that I sent a letter to a while back, telling about the dangerous changes in our government. She hands me the letter, and I read through it – all of the changes that I predicted had come to pass, and there was a mind-control system of machines that I had sketched out, that was now being used.

I don’t remember leaving the office. I’m outside, and there are a bunch of the prisoners in a big public hot tub. There are probably a dozen people or so in the water, and more prisoners and guards around the sides. A pretty young woman looks at this one long-haired man sitting in the water; he looks at her and nods. She smiles, and I can see that she has vampire fangs. A quick flashback shows her putting them on – apparently they’re prosthetics. She goes over to where he’s sitting in the water, and smiles at him; he can see the fangs, but nobody else can. She goes under the water like she’s going to go down on him, but I know that she’s going to use her fangs and open a vein in his thigh and he’s going to bleed to death. It’s something they planned. He keeps a straight face for a minute, but then he can’t stand it any more and screams. Guards come and drag him out of the water. In the confusion, the woman is trying to hide the fangs; they go into special little plugs on her thongs. One of them is not wanting to go back into its container, and she’s panicking, because if she gets caught they’ll punish or kill her. A young guy has an injection syringe, and he’s waving it around and talking about it like it makes him cool; I wonder if the guards are going to think that it was used to kill the long-haired guy.

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