Dream 20040929, 7:00 AM: Looking for the Dance Hall LUCID *sexual*

Note: this dream account contains some graphic gay sexual references, and a not-quite-work-safe image. Please don’t click on the cut-tag if you would find this offensive or upsetting, or if it’s illegal for you to read this in your community.

Dream 20040929, 7:00 AM:

This dream series was essentially lucid throughout, although the level of awareness and control varied. It started out from a waking state; I was practicing a visualization suggested in one of the lucid dream texts, of a white lotus in the throat area. My body kind of began to buzz, and after a while, I became aware that I was sitting in a small cubicle made of pipe-and-drape, like something at a trade show. There wasn’t any booth of stuff, just the cubicle. I realized that this meant my dream body was fully engaged, and I could get up and go looking for the dance hall. I had decided that my mission in this dream would be to do some two-stepping. I walked down a white-walled hallway, and past several doors – I remember that some of them were entirely the wrong shape or size, such as one pair of doors that were only about waist-high, like something you’d push a cart through. I found a pair of large double doors, and went through them, and found a large, white room; even the floor was painted white. I said that this was more like what I was looking for, but there should be people dancing; the room was empty, except for some boxes and debris in the corners. I went onward, still hunting.

I remember waking several times, and the sequence of events becomes kind of blurry because of the repeated wakings. Each time I was able to go back into the dream.

I remember one segment, where I was at my Mom and Dad’s old house – they were there, although in reality my brother and his wife live there now. I decided to try flying, and went out into the back yard and took off. I don’t remember where I went. I still didn’t find the dance hall I was looking for.

The dream becomes sexual, as so often happens with my lucid dreams – I walked around a corner, and decided that there was going to be a guy in the next room that I’d play around with. I got into the room, and there was a man standing there in white jeans but no shirt. He’s good looking, but kind of skinny – one of those guys who’s got a decent shape, but doesn’t exercise. I put my hands on his chest, explaining that since this is my dream, he ought to be a little hotter. It doesn’t seem to work, and after rubbing on him for a bit, I wander off. I’m in a very modern room, with two levels adjoined by five or six steps. There are several guys here, and it seems like it’s liable to become an orgy. None of them are really the kind of guy I was looking for in this dream, though, and I try to shift some of them to make them more what I’m in the mood for. I remember at one point, eating the ass of this one guy, and trying to make him shift and become more muscular and hairy. It didn’t work. There’s a stack of what appear to be beefcake calendars on a steel shelf, and I pick up a couple of them and start flipping through, thinking if I can find a picture of the right guy, it’ll be easier to cause him to show up. None of the calendars are the right kind of guys, though – one is titled something like “Manly Women,” and one says “No Men!” There are a couple that are full of very effeminate queens, but most of them seem to be Lesbians. I toss the stack back on the shelf, and drift to awakeness again.

I slip back into dreaming, and this time I’m in a big hall, like a convention center or a hotel. I think this is from reading my friends’ descriptions of Folsom and the parties. I walk along, and there’s a men’s locker room – I walk into it, and there are a bunch of guys, walking around in various stages of undress and towels. It’s more like the Baths than like a gym, though – definitely cruisy. I cruise a couple of the guys, but don’t make any connections – one of them reminds me of this muscle boy that goes dancing in Dallas sometimes, but I don’t talk to him. After wandering a ways, I end up walking out of the bathroom and into the hall again. I finally do find a dance hall, but it’s more like a hotel ballroom. There’s a guy here, and I get him to dance with me, but he’s really not good at it, and it’s not any fun. He seems like he doesn’t mind dancing, but he’s just not that interested. The other people seem to be here for some kind of event. I finally turn and leave the ballroom, and go back looking for the locker room, which seems like it might be more fun, but then I wake up for good.

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  1. admin
    admin says:

    Your disclaimer is so proper.

    Well, I figured it’s only polite… especially since there are some of the folks who read my journal for the bugs, or for the yarn stuff, that I’m not sure how old or mature or open-minded they are…

    I’m trying to get back into more of the dream-work; I’ve felt very disconnected from it for a while now.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Oh, I know! They’re a lot of fun. I focused a lot of my dream energy on them, for a while – managed to have some very interesting experiences.

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