FINALLY some dream content! Dreams 20040924: Giant Caterpillars, Shopping for Chocolate Chips

For those of you who may not know this, because lately it’s been all about the yarn and the silkmoths – this journal started out being primarily about my night-time dreams, and the work and study I do with them. I’ve been ignoring my dream life lately, with the result that my dreams have become distant, fleeting, and vague – I’m trying to reconnect to that current, and start recording my dreams again.

Dream 20040924:
I’m in a large open building, reminds me somewhat of one of the big flea-market barns, except that it seems like the “stalls” are all little businesses instead of being flea-market places. I’m looking at a large cage in the center of the courtyard area; this is a display of my caterpillars that I’ve set up for people to view. Some of them are massive – I comment to a bystander that they can get up to a foot long. I pick up one of the big ones and put it on my arm. It spits a brown goo that gets on its head and upper body, and I’m a little concerned because that can sometimes mean they’re sick. I point to the cocoons that the caterpillars are spinning in the corners of their cage. Some of them are huge, but others are more the normal size.

I have a shopping cart, and it’s got various grocery items in it. I walk along, and see J. up ahead at a counter, and hurry over to her. I point to the stuff in the cart, and tell her that I have everything to make chocolate chip cookies, if she has some chocolate. She smiles and laughs. [real life note: I have to use special flours for any kind of cooking, as I’m gluten intolerant and can’t have wheat – if I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies with someone, I’d have to bring a lot of ingredients.]

J. and I head off, looking for Christopher. I stop in at one of the offices, where everyone is dressed in matching blue golf-collar shirts with some orange logo mark on them. I ask if Chris is there, but the man says that he doesn’t work here any more. I know that this was the address he gave me, but I think that it may be to his old job, not his new one. We walk on, still looking for him.

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  1. admin
    admin says:


    More to come – it seems as if the reservoir has been building up pressure due to the lack of attention. I can tell I’m going to have to get back into a good habit of recording the dreams – I remember that there were at least five or six last night, but can only recall bits and pieces.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    I wish that we were closer, geographically – you seem like the kind of person I need to sit and visit with. You often make my day with your posts.

  3. anul
    anul says:

    I used to keep a kind of dream journal; because I dream often and usually they’re pretty vivid, but something happened along the way and I lost my taste for recording them – how so many things go sour in time…
    Anyway, just out of curiosity: How do you record them ? Do you put them in categories or do you give numbers, do you write them like you did in this entry ?

  4. admin
    admin says:

    I usually try to keep a bedside book, and make notes in that; afterwards, I record them on my online journal, and I try to keep an offline record of the same entries. I code them by date and time (if more than one per night) and give each a title that helps me to recall them. I mark some of them, usually as being LUCID or as being “Grand or beautiful” dreams – some of these I have linked in my Memories page.

  5. culfinglin
    culfinglin says:

    yay, dreams!

    it’s nice to see you posting your dreams again. 🙂

    interesting that all three dreams relate in some way to either labor, or the results of labor. you show off your caterpillars, who work on their own, and you work to take care of; then you’re preparing to work to make the chocolate chip cookies; and you’re then in a place of work, working to find a friend.

    very apropos for this time of year. 🙂

  6. admin
    admin says:

    Re: yay, dreams!

    True! I hadn’t thought of it that way. I find that for me, caterpillars have taken on some of the “industry” meaning usually associated with bees – seeing them “work” so much, it just seems natural.

  7. admin
    admin says:

    It’s actually a complicated immune-modulated response; I do get a skin rash, but it’s called dermatitis herpetiformis, and it’s different than traditional hives. I don’t get any of the throat-closing anaphylactic type reactions. Most of the problems that I notice, are gastro-intestinal. My body basically decides that the alpha-gliadin portion of the wheat protein gluten is a virus, and sends my killer T-cells to attack it; I end up producing an antibody to that protein, and if I eat it, my body essentially attacks its own cells. Needless to say – not pretty!

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