Anyone willing to do my partner Chris a favor…

Chris enters sweepstakes. A lot of them involve various games, contests, etc. I’ve learned that sweepstakes can be very lucrative and fun – we got to go to LA last year, and also Vegas, on trips that he’d won.

For the one that he’s in right now, he needs people to be “destinations” for this game. If you’ve got some spare time, and want to help Chris out, click here:
and sign up to be one of his destinations. Thanks!

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  1. admin
    admin says:

    Chris is a feind for them. He belongs to this HUGE sweepstakes site – there’s something like forty thousand members now… but he’s won all kinds of stuff. is the site he uses.

    He’s won thousands of dollars worth of stuff – CD and DVD players, two trips, groceries, cleaning stuff… so far no big cash or vehicles, but we keep hoping.

  2. molasses
    molasses says:

    this is funny. they say something about the contest being open to legal residents of the united states.
    so, i think, i’m not a contestant…just a destination, but i don’t want to sign up and later to find out that chris was eliminated because i’m a dirty canadian.

    my heart was in the right place. damn borders and all they represent.

  3. admin
    admin says:

    Hee. I think that it won’t disqualify him at all – but may not show up as a “destination” because it’s out of the Continental US. I kept trying to get one of my Australian buddies to sign up for it, before I found that out.

    And I’m sure you’re not a dirty Canadian… you strike me as someone who’d be plenty fond of bubble baths!

  4. molasses
    molasses says:

    ooo, yes. love bubble baths. and mud wrestling. and jello wrestling all that sensation stuff appeals.

    i used to actually think we would live borderless in my lifetime.

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