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  1. I’m very pleased with it. They tend to not want to hatch out when you’re watching – it was a rare treat to see the whole thing from the beginning!

  2. Very nice.

    Made me nostalgic, too, ‘cos I think there was a big yellow pin holding my mom to the wall when I was born, as well.

  3. I was looking at all of your silkmoth photos and i thought of one that’s native to California (the chaparral areas), the Ceanothus Silkmoth, Hyalophora euryalus

    It is gorgeous, take a look:

  4. LOL.

    I actually do use the silk from my cocoons to make silk, but it’s from the little Bombyx silkmoths.

    I’m pulling your stuff together, will make the bath seltzers tonight or tomorrow.

  5. Yeah, those are so gorgeous! I’ve raised Hyalophora cecropia, which is a close relative, but my moths will hatch next Spring.

  6. Another one, which isn’t a silk moth, but is awesome by itself is the Black Witch:

    Ascalapha odorata

    They can have wingspans up to 7 inches!

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