Dream: The Drawer Full of Money LUCID

[real life notes: Chris and I are having a potentially relationship-breaking period, which puts some of this in perspective. The dream is successful in a couple of respects; I’ve been trying to get certain pieces of old silver money to show up in my dreams, and I did successful reality testing. Also, my living room is nothing like the one in the Kingwood house which Mom and Dad used to own (but no longer do) and I don’t have any reclining chairs here.]
Dream 20040711, 7:00 AM:

I’m lying back in a reclining chair in the living room. I wake up, realizing that I must have drifted off. Mom is sitting in the other chair, but somehow it’s also Chris sitting there. I look around, and say something about how I wish I wasn’t alone [Have been sleeping separately for about a week, in real life] and Chris/Mom says, “Well, then come over here and join me,” wiggling to make room in the recliner. I say something like “Are you serious, or are you just being cruel?” I realize that it’s not Chris, or not quite Chris. I look more closely, rubbing my bleary eyes, and realize that it’s Mom, and she’s being sweet because she knows I’m sad, and I’m tempted to just curl up with her and have a good cry. Realization dawns, though, that I’m not where I ought to be, and I wonder if I’m dreaming. I turn my head, looking for a clock, and see one, a red LED alarm clock. I glance, look away, glance back – and it’s like I’m not looking at the right angle, like I’m getting glare on the front of it, because it’s hard to see the numbers, but it seems like they stay fairly stable. Then, quite clearly, I realize aloud that “I’m in the Kingwood house, whereas in reality I’m in the Avenel house, which means that I’M DREAMING. ”

I want to get some money, and tell Mom, “Hey, I bet this drawer is FULL of money.” I sort of pause, for the expectation to settle itself. I pull open the drawer in the end table between the recliners, and it has money in it – a double-handful-sized pile of quarters. I say, “Well, not quite what I expected, but hey, there’s probably twenty, maybe thirty dollars here…” and decide to try again with the other drawer. Mom tells me to wait a second, and she takes the TV remote and points it at the drawer, and a visible sparkly beam of yellow light comes out of it and shines on the drawer front. I pull the drawer open, and inside is a box of large old coins, gold and silver. I say, “That’s more like it! and good old stuff, none of this new crap that isn’t worth anything really.” I pull out several coins, looking at the foreign writing and the faces on them, and stick them into my pocket. I feel like bawling still, tears are running down my face, but I keep from breaking down, and walk toward the front door. I tell Mom that I’m going to go of and do something, now that I’m sure I’m dreaming, maybe fly. I go out the front door, and a green sports car zooms into the yard. At first, I think it’s going to hit me, but at the last second it wheels around sideways on the porch, and I realize that it’s driverless. I hop into the seat, tan colored leather, and start to drive it, but then the dream sensations start to fade, and I wake up for real.

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  1. admin
    admin says:

    Me too! Of course, in dreamland, it’s a little different… if I can call my flying car with a whistle, money kind of loses its necessity factor.

    And thanks. It’s going rough, not sure where it’ll end up, but hopefully I’ll have a better idea before too long.

  2. moon8sky
    moon8sky says:

    oh hunny *big hugs*. I hope things turn out ok for everyone. I am moving up to Lewisville with Wes, so hey I will be a bit closer to ya. 🙂 See you Friday?

  3. admin
    admin says:

    Hey! We can ride together on Fridays, maybe? It’s a looong drive over there alone. Maybe we can all get together and do stuff, once you’re on this side o’ the world.

    And thanks for the hugs.

  4. moon8sky
    moon8sky says:

    Hey that sounds good, we will be off Buiness 121 and Round Grove That would be really nice having someone to drive with, I was thinking about that this weekend 🙂 Oh Wes and I would love to get together and do stuff, that would be very nice!

  5. walterwz
    walterwz says:

    Disturbed About The News

    I could not escape the whiff of wrongness about the breakup question. Actually this dream makes very good sense in standard dream language. We have not discussed dream objectives and purposes much. I will just inject that I have stopped all efforts at interfering with my dream process. I have gone to pure receptive mode. It is a basic programming rule. “Understand the code before you start dicking with it.” If I do not follow this rule I find it nearly impossible to get back to where I was once I break even more things in the code.

    In this dream we see a clear identification with Chris and your mother as far as the emotional love bond is concerned. The coinage will take some work. There is some sense of taking what is valuable. There is a very powerful sense of Tarot symbolism here. While I get the sense of taking the valuable out of a certain situation. I also see taking something into manifestation. The car/chariot symbol is a very clear depiction of you getting back into your body and waking up.

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