Dreams Dead Body in my New House, TCC Library, Reenactment Indians

Dreams 20040601:
Some time around 3 AM:

I’m moving into a new space, and figuring out which rooms to use for what things. The space is all these fantastic rooms, and one is lower-level than the others, but not a basement – it goes all the way up through the main level, so that it has these huge vaulted ceilings. I remark that I’d like to use this space for a studio, because it has such great light, and such a good feel to it. Around the edges of the room are huge boulders, and I notice that, lodged between two of the boulders toward the back of the room, is the dead body of a man. It has been there a while, and is drawing flies, although it’s not very much decayed and doesn’t stink much. A hugely obese man, I think with the police, comes in and removes it; I remember the gurney with the body skittering down a flight of stairs.

Then, a later dream –

I’m with a group from the TCC (a choir that has offices at the building where I work) – they have used a photograph of me in a Santa Claus hat as the photo on their Christmas card, and I’m talking to T.S. the director about it, and we’re laughing about something – I think the fact that they’ve made it look like I’m Santa Claus, but I still have my dark brown goatee. Then, a group of us walk into a library, and a small section of shelves is like an elevator, which takes us downward – we stop just off a floor, and we have to open up a window in the bookshelves / elevator wall, and crawl through it, because the door won’t open. There is a secretary sitting at a desk outside the little window that we open, and she helps us crawl out.

Then, this was the dream I woke from at 7:00 this morning:

I’m at some kind of big historical-reenactment campout. It doesn’t seem like SCA; it’s more like Buckskinners or Pioneers. Someone finds an outfit for me, and I pull it on; I think that it’s a tunic-type thing, but it turns out to be more of a dress. I decide that this isn’t what I want to be wearing, and just change it into pants and a long tunic; I do it by dream-power magic, as if half-realizing that I’m dreaming. First, I pull the skirt down, and then pull it up and wriggle the pants down around my legs; then, I pull up the top and there’s a white linen tunic beneath it. I feel much cooler, but I don’t quite know about being at an outdoor event all in white, so I change it to a dark royal blue. Now, I look very tall and almost anime-slender; the tunic now has shreds around the arms and also the neckline that flap when I move, and the legs have gone all bell-bottomed. I change those around a little to make it more like what I wanted, and then go on. The group of people goes up to a tall ridge on a hill, and there is a fence; someone points out that across the fence, there is a point of power, and a concrete bone. There are many people here who are dressed as American Indians; they look like they are more “real” than the pioneers, but they do speak a language I understand and seem Ok with all the other folks. One of them comes up to me, he is standing on the higher side of the ridge, and I hug him around his waist; it feels almost sexual, but in a very gentle, comforting way. I remember something about flying around, or leaping from tree to tree. I don’t remember what all happens then, until the monster appears. There is a huge monster on the other side of the hilltop; it is like a giant alligator. I fly over the huge pit that the alligator is in, and it tries to slurp me in with its powerful breath. I fight with it, and finally manage to lure it to the edge of a cliff, where it falls off. It makes a huge, booming crash, and I hope that it’s dead, although I’m not sure. There are tree-people here, and they say that the monster is dead, they have already run their roots into its body to check.

Then, I’m sitting at a table, and look into a small hand-held mirror that folds up like a laptop computer; I am clean-shaven, and like the look of it on me. I realize at this point that I’m dreaming, and run my fingertip (or the tip of a quartz crystal?) over my lips, trying to make them tingle to enhance the dream body’s awareness. I don’t remember what else happens, but I wake not long after.

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