Dreams 20040525, 6:55 AM: Campground Moths, Packed-In House, Fountain Work

These were much longer in the dreaming than what I can remember; I wasn’t able to write them down immediately when I woke, so they’re kind of blurred. But some of the images seem very powerful, so I’m writing down what I can.

Dreams 20040525, 6:55 AM:

I’m at a large camping event like an SCA event, and walking through campsites. I think that I’m trying to find someone, although I don’t remember who. Then, I am at a structure made otu of wood that has big steps, and there are a lot of nearly-dead moths piled on it; I sort through them, trying to figure out which species they are (many of them are very battered) and trying to see if any of them would be able to lay viable eggs. I find that all of the moths of one species (which I decided in the dream was Promethea, although it’s not; it was more like a brown-colored Actias selene) have their guts eaten out, as if by ants; they’re just missing large chunks of abdomen. I find a few promising-looking moths that appear to have eggs in them, and carry them in my hand. Then, I look down between the wooden steps, and see that at the bottom of them, there are cocoons; I start fishing them out, detaching them from the wooden sides where they are anchored with floss thread. I pick up probably a dozen or more, and carry them as well.

*different dream – I don’t remember if I woke up, or just the dream changed*

I’m in a house that I don’t recognize – in the dream, it’s my house, but it’s not the typical composite of real places I’ve lived. It’s piled up to the top with stuff – and it doesn’t seem like it’s boxes or junk, it’s just like all the stuff that should be stored, is laid out and piled up. I remember walking beside a bunk bed, with the mattress and box springs laid up against the bed frames instead of being on the bed, and there is paper stuff beside it.

Chris is getting ready to leave (for the day? or on a trip?) and I’m wandering around behind him and talking to him. I feel upset because the house is messy, and I start picking stuff up – I know that about 80% of the mess is dirty laundry that has gotten stacked onto things, but I don’t feel like he realizes this. One of the laundry things accidentally picks up a bunch of safety goggles and equipment, like it got caught in a towel that I picked up. I am also waiting for him to leave because I’m horny and want to jack off to some porn – I feel sad about that, wishing that we would have sex together instead, but I’m resigned to it, and he’s all dressed and ready to leave. Finally, he walks out the door, and is gone.

*different dream*

I’m outside, walking along beside a fountain that tumbles down through an area like a sidewalk. There is a man walking there as well, and he seems like some kind of official; he is wearing a suit, and talking about the area. At one point, the flow of the water is odd, and he points to it and mentions that it’s out of alignment. We walk along, and at the end of the fountain, it spreads out onto a flat area, which is slightly flooded despite not being part of the fountain. There are two workmen with long poles that have these squeegee-roller ends, one standing on either side of the wet area, and working to clear the water. One pushes it toward the other, who then reaches out and sweeps it toward the drain; at first, I thought they were pushing it back and forth, but then I realize that they’re working in harmony. I take over for one of the two men, and talk to the other; I don’t remember now what we talked about.

Then, I’m standing from a different vantage, looking at the same fountain scene. It seems like I’m up on top of a small building, which is edged around with antique fencing. I realize that I want to fly over to where the fountain is, and as I say it, I realize that this means I’m dreaming. I fly over, and there’s a huge tree that I stop to look at. I reach out, and it is turning around slowly like a big crank shaft. I touch it, and watch it turn; a second later, I see a hand sticking out of a fork in the trunk, and I know that somehow that means that my hand got caught and I got killed, and my body will be coming around in a moment. I don’t want to see that, so I tell the dream to change, but I wake up instead. I woke up feeling kind of sad and alone.

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