24 thoughts on “Go ME!!

  1. If you want, I can take some pictures with my digital camera and take the files to Wolf Camera to let them transfer them to slides.

    email me if you want to set up times and such not.

  2. I need to find out if there’s a standard format… I’ve got a digital camera, but I’ve never submitted to SSD, and don’t know if they have conventions about how it’s lit, how it’s arranged, etc. If I find out that all the details, I may be getting back in touch! I’ve got a digital, but for some reason it has trouble with the red and black – it does OK with the colored parts, but turns those into a blur!

  3. =) Thanks!

    It’s very satisfying for me – this is the first “real” competition (i.e. not an SCA Arts and Sciences, or a school comp) that I’ve entered with my weaving, and I was kinda intimidated. It made me very happy to see the prize ribbon on my piece!

  4. Hey! Everything’s going pretty well – enjoying a nice spring so far (touching wood…)

    I’m going to be doing a silk-reeling demo all day tomorrow, which should be fun.

    How’s by you? I’ve been following your travelogue – sounds like you’ve been busy!

  5. =)

    I’m curious… what is this blue-and-orange, vaguely fiber-ish looking icon? It’s kind of like a Modern Abstract Bill the Cat… ?

  6. OK… ya see, Bill’s wearing a bright blue sweater… his head is in the upper right corner, complete with whiskers… lower left is his arm… =)

    I can only hope it was really that blue…

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