Dream: Aalford's Restaurant

Dream 20040314, 8:00 AM:

Chris and I and another person (or two?) are driving down Kingwood drive. We’re tired and hungry, and we are looking for some restaurant that Chris has heard about. We drive by the shopping strip near where the bookstore used to be, and he sees it; it’s called Aalfords, or something similar. It’s bright, with brightly colored signage in blue and yellow; it looks like a fast food place. I have two chicken drumsticks in my hand, and had just started to take a bite out of one of them; I kind of pat it back into place when I realize that we’re at the restaurant and we’re going to get some food.

We go in, and we go through the line. It seems like the other person with us now is Cory. Chris and Cory get through the line, but I have to stop and ask the man behind the counter about the food, so I get held up. I realize that I’m naked, and I have a small bundle of clothes; I drop them on the floor, and pick out a pair of white briefs and put them on, although I don’t feel particularly uncomfortable or stressed about being naked.

I ask them man behind the counter for a paper menu; I can’t read much on the display board behind him. He tells me I could sit there and read all day, it’s not going to make much sense. Then, I ask him what he recommends; he tells me there’s a Super Crazy Special that’s something like $14.99, and it’s like a buffet. There’s a woman behind the counter, and I ask her if I could go back for seconds, if it’s all-you-can-eat; she pauses to think for a moment, and then replies that I can’t make a second trip with the plastic dishes, because it’s against the rules. I decide to go ahead and get that anyway. The woman starts to ring it up, but then has to go and take care of something else. I stand there for a while, my money out and ready, and eventually decide that she’s not coming back. Then, I look at my money, and realize that I don’t have enough to get the buffet, I need to get something less expensive. I walk on through the buffet area, trying to find Chris and Cory. I locate them at a small table for two, and Cory is walking back and forth, eating as he paces. I have a shirt in my hand now, and kind of wrap it around my waist. I sit down at the table, which is way too close to the booth back, and it cuts into my ribs. I feel miserable, and still hungry. Chris points out that I still have the two chicken drumsticks, which are there on the table in front of me now, but they seem like they’re cold and icky.

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