Dream: Mom's and the New House

Dream 20040311, 7:20 AM:

I find myself in a room with dark wooden shelving and light walls. Mom is here, and I realize that this must be the new house; she shows me around. I remark that I love all the dark wood, and she points out various features. She shows me the pipe organ, which she got retuned as part of the house renovation; now, there is a second supplemental keyboard that sits off to the side. She plays a few notes on it by way of demonstration. I notice that the lighting is coming through the ceiling, and upon looking at the ceiling I realize that it is partially open to the attic, which seems weird. The lights are actually in the attic, and shining down through holes in the ceiling which follow the contours of the walls. It reminds me of something I’d expect in an art gallery.

Then, I walk along, and Mom is gone, and the rooms have changed – now, I’m in an office cubicle with a huge desk, and J. my boss is here, telling me that this is my desk now, and shows me a smaller desk which will go beside it to hold my computer. She talks some about the work I need to do, and we visit. I don’t remember details on the job stuff we talk about.

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