Dream: Marrying J.

Dream 20040303, 4:00 AM:
I am at the Kingwood house; I am sleeping in the bed in the blue bedroom. My friend J. is there with me; she is a woman about halfway between my age and my parents’ age. She is holding on to me in her sleep, but I am lying in bed unable to sleep, so I quietly slip out and go into the kitchen. On the way, I look into my parents’ bedroom, and see my Dad curled around my Mom like spoons; I think to myself that it’s sweet that they still sleep like that. I get a drink in the kitchen, and go back to the bedroom. I hear a weird sound coming from the third bedroom; it sounds like someone chanting “wow… wow…. wow” in a low monotone like a meditation mantra. I go in there, and my brother is in bed; I can’t tell if he’s chanting in his sleep, or if he’s meditating and chanting and just very still. I say something to him, but don’t remember what. I feel like I’m either married to, or getting married to, J., which makes me feel kind of sad and trapped. She’s a good friend, but I couldn’t imagine marriage to her.

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    admin says:

    I am… it’s a dream. I have lots of strange situations not-like-real-life in my dreams… sometimes, I’m aware that it’s strange; other times, it seems perfectly natural within the context of the dream.

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