Dream: Truck Key, and Silk Spinning

Dream 20040226, 1:30 AM:

There are two sets of images that seem kind of jumbled up with this dream. I don’t remember the chronological progression involved.

I am walking along, approaching a house that is like Grandmother and Granddad’s house at Grangerland. There are a bunch of trucks in a big fenced paddock, and I need to get the key, either to one of the trucks, or to the paddock itself. I have a set of instructions that is like a riddle or a treasure map, and it tells me to turn through a number of gates and to find my own door, and the key will be there. I walk through gates in the fences of the yard, turning the requisite number of times. When I get to the part where I’m supposed to find my own door, I’m in a small stock yard, and there are bathroom doors in the side of a barn. I open one of the doors, and find the key. Granddad, or a man who reminds me of him, has been wandering behind me as I go through the steps; I ask him if the key is the right one, but he shrugs with an almost Oriental expression of bemusement, and says he doesn’t know, he’s never seen the right key.

I walk back toward where the trucks are. There is dog poop on the ground, and I step in some, which squishes underfoot and I mention that it’s nasty and I wish it were cleaned up. When I get to where the trucks were, now there are horses. I call to them, and they run through the wooded part of the lot, which is broken off by the fence, and rather than come over to where I am, it seems like they’re cavorting and showing off.

Then, and this is the part where the chronology doesn’t scan, and this may have preceeded the whole truck-key-horse thing – I’m spinning silk from a Bombyx brick. The brick is on the shelf in the soap room, and it is directly next to something else that has a woman’s face, or perhaps it’s a woman’s spirit. There’s some important aspect involving the spinning process and not smothering the woman’s face with the silk.

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