Dream: Saving the Shamrock, Bug Bite Monkey

Dream 20030915, 2:00 AM:

Note: These are from dream notes from earlier this week. Thus, the time stamp on them will be different from the livejournal time stamp.

I’m with a person who seems like a cross between Kevin (childhood friend) and my partner Chris. We are walking toward the Kingwood house, talking as we go along. I have found a four-leaved shamrock (not a clover, an oxalis) – and I’m excited because they’re even more rare than the clovers.

Inside the Kingwood house, we’re in the green bedroom. I arrange the shamrock, which has wilted, on the tip of my finger, spreading its leaves out so that it will dry flat. The Kevin/Chris character tells me that he has been researching relationships, and that we shouldn’t stay with someone just to kill time. I feel very upset hearing this, and he walks away.

The second dream: I know that I woke between these two, but I don’t know what time the second one ended. Probably 3:30 or 4:00, like usual.

I’m in a school room with a guy that reminds me of Brian H. from school. I’ve brought some snacks; I make a point of bringing some pork rinds that I can eat, and also some Fritos for the others. We’re doing paintings of teddy bears; I hear the instructor explaining that the paints are fine art colors, as I look at brilliant red and yellow pictures. I explain that I’m a decent artist, but do not do well with making things up from thin air, and ask for a stuffed animal to draw from. Someone hands me a stuffed monkey from a pile; I remember also seeing a stuffed giraffe. Once I’m holding it, though, the monkey is real, which kind of startles me. It licks my hand and my fingers, and its tongue is warm and soft. It says a couple of times, “Bug BITES! Bug BITES!” in a sort of wheezy voice, and I look at its backside and see that it has big ant-like bugs clinging to it like ticks; I pick them out of its fur. They are large, probably a half inch long, and have spots like ladybugs.

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